Saturday, January 29, 2005

Jan. 29 Part II

8 issues of Angel Hunt written, edited and submitted. Up to Issue #105, and 418 manuscript pages. Issue #104 was the one-year marker. Two out of four have run over a year. I’m satisfied with that. I’ve learned an enormous amount from the serials.

Printed out the issues I hadn’t – the last issue I printed out was Issue #57. With my history of computer malfunctions, that’s just asking for trouble!

Happy with the way the story is accelerating. Even the odious Cissie Backus showed a flash of creativity! :)

Working on my evaluation of this month. When I started, I assumed I would be very frustrated. But, looking at the month as a whole, I’m pleased with the progress. It’s never as much as I want, but there’s steady progress, and that counts for something. I’ll share the Evaluation on the 31st.

I like the Buddha’s Dream CD a lot. It’s soothing without being annoying. The Celtic Harp CD is hit and miss. Some of it is great. Some of the vocals are annoying when I’m trying to write.

I saw a contest I want to enter; but I’m not sure I’ll have time to write the entry. I don’t have anything just sitting around that I can use.

I’ve re-read both Carolyn See’s Making a Literary Life and Julia Cameron’s The Right To Write over the past few days. I find myself disagreeing with techniques more than usual when I read them. I use them as fuel, when I’m tired. Although I’ve never agreed with everything in either book, I’ve often found them helpful. This time around it’s been less than usual. Is it possible to outgrow a book? Some of the suggestions I shrugged off previously absolutely grate on me this time around. It’s odd.

Ordered 3 more 1920’s CDs from Amazon in a variety of styles. They should be here by the end of next week or so, so they’ll be useful in writing Glam Hearts. That is one of See’s suggestions that I do agree with – for a new project, buy a set of CDs and play them while you’re writing.

Two art forms that fuel my writing are listening to music and looking at paintings or photographs.

I think I’ll cook some dinner, and maybe even call it a writing night.



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