Sunday, January 30, 2005

Jan. 30 Part II

I got a later start than I wished on the writing. My horrible downstairs neighbor returned, with an equally horrible companion, to bang around and spread venom for a couple of hours. The cats refused to place their paws on the floor, as though her poison seeped up through her ceiling into our floorboards.

I did a thorough smudging when she was gone.

I’m alternating between Bessie Smith and Cassandra Wilson on the CD player as I work on Glamourous Hearts. Leonard has a sharper sense of humour than I expected, which will work for the piece. I’m taking a quick pause to jump on the Internet to research popular magazines of the period and to see what played on Broadway in 1921.

At the Costume Institute, there was an amazing design by Lucile for Ziegfeld’s Follies in 1920 – I’m going to push it and use it in a show in ’21. So I guess I should do some Follies research as well.



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