Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday, January 24, 2005
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I was an Arctic Goddess yesterday and loved every minute of it. I said to my S.O. that I must have been a penguin in another life, and he said, “No, a polar bear. Most dangerous creature on earth when riled.”

I decided to take it as a compliment!

He’s also talked me into agreeing to learn how to cross country ski. I don’t know when we’ll get the chance to do it this year, but, yes, for the first time, I think it is something I’d like to learn. And he pointed out that you can get from place to place faster on cross country skis than on snowshoes.

Anyway, we had the good train to get into the city again – clean, new, warm, and on time. Why is it that on an ordinary day, they can’t get the trains to run properly, but in the blizzard, they run better than ever? Go figure.

I had an absolute blast getting from the station to the theatre. When you enjoy working with elemental energy, how often do you get to work with something as intense as a blizzard? I used the snow to represent creativity and used every gust of wind to feed my energy, so that I felt about a hundred times stronger by the time I got in the door, rather than exhausted from “fighting” the storm. Because guess what, when human fights nature? Guess who’s gonna win? So I might as well use that enormous energy to feed my own creative energy and get me where I’m going – both literally and physically.

The train was an hour earlier than I usually take on a Sunday, but that’s fine. I got to the theatre early, had a big hot chocolate, and chatted with people before starting work.

For the most part, the matinee was okay. But there’s a communication breakdown – someone was hurting too much to do the second monkey reveal and management switched monkeys without telling our supervisor, who could have then told the right dresser so we could have switched wings. So we had no wings for the monkey who did show up. This happens way too often and it’s something they need to figure out. It’s not fair to the dressers, and, especially, not fair to the actors. Every set of wings is unique. You can’t swap them out and put any set of wings onto any back. And the extra monkey sheaths we were promised never materialized.

But you know what? After Tuesday’s show, it’s not my problem for about six weeks. And I’m so ready for it. I’m burnt from the show. There aren’t enough dressers on it, so when there’s a change midstream – and, because this show is so complex, there always are changes during the performance – there’s no time to fix anything or change anything to turn over anything.

Came home to find an e-mail from the producer with final terms for the contract and the deadline (Feb. 21) -- and then he wanted to know when he could see a draft. I explained to him that that’s what the Feb. 21 deadline is. I don’t turn in work that’s partially done. It wastes all our time. You have to bake bread before you make toast. If you slice the dough while it’s rising and stick it in the toaster, you’re going to have a mess. Sorry a writer bailed on him – but he had my outlines on Jan. 5, and if he’s under time pressure, we could have finalized the contract on Jan. 6 and he’d have had the piece by the middle of next week.

These people have got to realize that writing is a process. Agreeing to a deadline and then pressuring to turn it in early guarantees the writer will:

Disappear or
Drink or
Freeze AND
Miss the deadline

Come on, people, get a clue!!!

Anyway, I told him he’d have the script by February 21. That’s realistic and that’s what we agreed upon.

I tried to work last night and my neighbor knocked on the door looking for scotch tape. I’m fond of my neighbor, but she’s always interrupting me when I’m on deadline. I swear I’m going to rip out the phone and put a big frowning face on the door to scare people off. Especially under deadline pressure, and exhausted, interruption is a huge derailment.

I’m thrilled that my friend Colin bought a new house – congrats!!!! And my friend Michelle let me read a chapter of a wonderful WIP. Very exciting.

Plotting work on Ransagh, but no actual pages.

Today, I have to finish “The Literary Athlete”, finish and turn in issue 125 of Widow’s Chamber, write two issues of Angel Hunt, and the plan is to write at least five scenes of Glamourous Hearts. I also have to do some more research for the Lindisfarne article, because the rewrite is due on Thursday.

To work, then.

For a free issue of any of the above serials, click the appropriate link and download.


At 10:51 AM, Blogger Colin said...

Thanks Devon!

From Colin, Gail and wee Laura :-)

At 7:41 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

“. . . No, a polar bear. Most dangerous creature on earth when riled.”

I'm curious.

Have you been guest starring on "Lost"?



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