Monday, January 03, 2005

Monday, January 3, 2005
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Warm and rainy

Worked on the other two outlines this morning, and will spend some time with dialogue. Then I’ll switch over and cough up a couple of episodes of Charlotte before I get into real trouble, before going back and taking a look at the outlines for a final polish. Even though they’re not due until Wed., I’d like to send them today or tomorrow.

I’m especially fond of Redemption Trail, the piece about the spiritualist and the Confederate soldier.

But I’ve got some interesting concepts in all of them, and I think any of them could work as an interesting radio play.

If the outlines are rejected, I’ll still have outlines for four strong pieces of work that I can write (when?) and market elsewhere.

So only positives can result from this process.

My friend Michelle rewrote one of her short stories and it is awesome. I can’t wait to see where it gets published – and I hope it’s a high paying market. It’s a really good piece. Her last draft was good, but the rewrite lifts it to a new level.

I’ve been reading the GDRs of various friends and colleagues – they put a great deal of thought into it, and hopefully writing it all out like this helps us all map out a route to achieve those GDRs. Of course, the fun of a journey is when you deviate from the planned route, and I look forward to see where I meander. Very often, the tangents loop me around and bring me farther ahead than the route I planned.

I said I wanted to explore photography again this year (in my late teens and early twenties I did a lot of photography – even quite a bit of sports photography for the yearbook and local papers, in addition to more sensory, place-oriented photos). And, suddenly, I’m meeting all these photographer-writers online! The work is quite inspiring, and once I get permission, I’ll post some links.

Supposedly, I have two short stories up at Emerging Women Writers, but whenever I use the link, I only get the December issue. As soon as I can access the correct links, I’ll post them. They are in two different genres under two different names. One, in particular, is a story I’m extremely fond of, but it’s so quirky that it’s been difficult to find a home for it.

Must run an important errand in the next few minutes before it starts to rain or I’ll be really, really, really sorry when I have to leave for the theatre at 8 AM tomorrow. Don’t feel like doing it, but it’s got to be done and doing it today will save me wear and tear tomorrow.

So, off to run my errand, and then hopefully I can write Charlotte out of the mess I’ve put her into. As she pointed out, she has to get herself out of it and not be rescued, or there’s no point in the piece.

I have a bit of extra time on the Lindisfarne article, thank goodness. I’ve thrown out everything on it and will start again from scratch. Without whining.




At 9:16 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

I'm blushing at your kind words. I hope it makes it to a high paying market, too! I'm searching for one. :-)


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