Saturday, January 29, 2005

Saturday, January 29, 2005
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Bizarre dream about hotel room keycards. I hate them, frankly. I’d much rather have a key.

Some idiot called at 8 AM and then hung up. Hate that!

Ordered some books I need and have to sign and return my contract this morning, on my way to the grocery store. The groceries won’t get themselves here. Yes, I could order online, but I love grocery stores. I love the options. I love the abundance. I love sorting through everything and creating meals in my head as I go aisle by aisle. Grocery shopping is something in which I take a lot of pleasure.

So the morning will be taken up with the mundane details of life, and then Bessie Smith goes on the CD player and off we go with Glam Hearts.

Two issues of Angel Hunt are ready to go. I think I’ll just send those off before I leave.

Keep It Coming named me #3 on their top three Authors of the Year. So that’s flattering and encouraging. Not quite sure how I can add that to my CV, but I will. We get a little giftie, which is greatly appreciated. We had a choice of several items, and I picked something I’d actually use.

Halfway through my first cup of coffee, I came up with a cross-promotional marketing idea for myself and my writer friends, but it needs more thought before I can write it out properly and suggest it here. I need to cost it out and make sure it’s inexpensive and an equal investment for anyone who’s interested. It could also be kind of fun.

My friend Michelle is coming to Baltimore the first weekend of March. I’ve always wanted an excuse to visit Baltimore, so I’m going to drive down and we’ll get to meet for lunch! Something to look forward to during the upcoming dreary winter days.

I’m already on Disk 2 of the blog and we’re not even a month into the year.

Now, off to deal with contracts and groceries, knowing my characters are impatiently waiting for my return so they can resume telling me their stories. At least they all want to talk today.

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