Saturday, January 08, 2005

Saturday, January 8, 2005
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Raining and some flooding

The day call was okay – chaotic, but okay. I said my goodbyes to several of the tech people who are also leaving on Sunday, and asked that they pass on my best wishes to the performers. The room in which I worked today was chaotic – they dumped a bunch of stuff with no notes on what needed to be done with anything – so I sorted it as best I could. They still called me at home before the show, but you know what? If you leave a pair of mangled gloves on the table on top of the repair list, I’m going to take them in to be repaired.

I came back on a train that ran the air conditioning instead of the heat.

And there was no water.

So much for doing the laundry.

Now, I realize that, in light of what’s happening in Asia, no water around here in the apartment and no water there are two very different situations, with much different repercussions. I keep boiled, clean water in the fridge, etc., so I wasn’t completely stuck. But it better be that something broke, because they did not inform us in writing that there would be a water shut-off, which legally, they are bound to do. One of the workmen screwing up in the apartment renovations better not be the cause.

A search for the super brought up nothing. The rude guys that have been brought in to work with him shrugged and pretended not to speak English and I told them to cut the crap – I know they spoke and understood English because I’ve heard them, and that somebody better get on it or I’d call the EPA. I don't mind that English isn't their first language. I DO mind that they are ALWAYS rude to women. They're respectful to men and rude to women, and I don't find that acceptable.

There’s a trickle here and there, but no progress. Nothing on the local news station has anything about a water main break. It rained heavily all night and the streets are flooded badly enough so I can’t drive to the store and buy more water. I think I’m okay for a few more hours. I put pots on the fire escape. Hey, if there’s water falling from the sky when I don’t have any in my pipes, I’m going to take advantage of it. I’ll boil it before I use it.

I checked the brook. It’s just past high tide and the brook has a good three more feet to rise before I need to worry. I’ll check it every few hours all day.

Yesterday, I outlined in my head an idea for a piece – I need to write it down before I lose it. It’ll be awhile before I can do any work on it, but it can go into the file. Searching the market listings, I found two anthologies to which I’d like to submit. One due date is Jan. 19. A character started talking in my head and I did the first draft of “Muse.” It’s an odd little piece. Definitely needs a good bit of rewriting, but there’s something at its core. If I can figure out how to communicate it properly, it’ll work.

I’m brainstorming with one of my writers’ groups about three examples I want to use in it – I’m not satisfied with the three I chose, and I thought a wider range might make the piece stronger. We’ll see.

One of my favorite Edinburgh bars, The Oxford Bar, is featured in the March issue of Scotland magazine. Excellent!

Focus today is on the Lindisfarne article and then The Widow’s Chamber. I want “Muse” to sit for a bit before I take another pass at it.

I dreamed that I was brought in to rewrite a play and my dream was so busy I don’t feel as thought I got any sleep.



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