Sunday, January 02, 2005

Sunday, January 2, 2005
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and chilly

Okay, if it’s as warm as the meteorologists claim, why are my fingers turning blue and the tips of my ears red and white? Hey, at least I’m in patriotic colours, right?

Speaking of patriotism, I’d like to see our re-elected leaders show some by not squandering an obscene amount of money on the inauguration. Yes, I know it’s private money, but instead of flinging it in the faces of the half of the country that voted otherwise, how about putting that money where it can do some good? Like towards body armour for the soldiers and/or the tsunami survivors? Wouldn’t it be nice if the Republicans would show a little bit of class and have a low-key inauguration out of respect for the fact that there’s a war going on and that over 150,000 people died in the tsunami?

It won’t happen. They’ll be too busy glorifying themselves as even more people die.

I have a headache from all the hours spent writing yesterday. A long yoga session helped this morning, but it’s not enough.

However, there’s a lot to be done, and the words won’t write themselves. The fingers have to tap the keyboards. Letters have to form words have to form sentences have to form paragraphs have to be rearranged to actually make sense.

Comments from the S.O. that get me back on track:

1. When I said that posting my Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions for 2005 felt like taking off my clothes in public, he said, “Well, it’s not like you’ve never done THAT before.” Nothing like a man bringing up a part of your past that happened before he was even around! Seriously, though, it’s a long story and you had to be there. And it happened in what seems like another life. At least we don’t get in a twist because we have pasts. Everyone over fifteen has a past and it’s part of what makes you who you are now. If you’re threatened by my past, you can’t accept me for who I am in the present and who I’ll become in the future. I’ve done many different things and don’t feel like I missed out on anything.
2. As I griped about the politicians mishandling just about everything, he said mildly, “If they’d just name you Queen of the World, everything would run much more efficiently. Plus, you wouldn’t be so aggravated.” Nothing like some wry humour to remind me I’m glad I’m NOT Queen of the World! :)

Two of the four outlines polished. Two more to go and some dialogue to revise. I might take a break to work on Angel Hunt for a bit, or I might just push on. The headache hasn’t subsided, but is merely down to a dull roar. Usually, an excellent writing day is followed by a more difficult one. And yesterday was an excellent writing day.

I wanted to work on the first recipe for Ink in My Kitchen today, but I don’t think I’ll be able to. It’s from my grandmother Helene and the translation of it is “Bowl Cake with Yeast” which hardly sounds appetizing, but there’s orange and cinnamon and raisins in it. And I can’t imagine that it actually uses TWO POUNDS of flour – with the other measurements in the original recipe, it doesn’t seem quite right.

If anyone is interested, drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you the recipe. You can try it, too, with whatever adjustments you think will work. I will make it at some point this week and see if I can figure it out. Now I have to hunt down the anecdotes around the recipe.

Besides, I’m out of yeast and too darned lazy to go out again today (I’m using my writing deadlines as an excuse), although I remembered to buy vanilla.

Yesterday, I was on fire with inspiration. Today, I’m trying to stoke up some embers and just work though.

I also want to push through the deadlined work because I can feel a play forming and once it comes, everything else has to be dropped and it’s all about the first draft of the play. I won’t make the mistake I made a few months ago with the Boston Tea Party play. It’s worse than Invasion of the Body Snatchers – it’s Invasion of the Mind Snatchers. But it’s the way I get the first drafts of plays, so . . .



At 1:57 PM, Blogger Pia Talks said...

Thanks for posting in my blog as it led me to yours.
Really like the multi-topic approach to life.
Thanks for the moon-Saturn retrograde warning.

Sunny? Where? I've been freezing since last night.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Pandora Nicollet said...

Hi, D. Your cake sounds delicious. I'd sure like a copy of your recipe. I'm always looking for something different to make.

or you have my other address. ;)


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