Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy, gray, very cold

The Hudson River is frozen over.

An actor friend gave me the DVD of Hidalgo yesterday. He told me, “Be patient. You’ll hate the way the girl is written, and you could have done better dialogue. But you’ll love the horse.”


Seven pages of Ransagh during dinner break. Every time I work on the piece, the sensation is akin to stealing off to meet a lover. It’s absolutely delicious. I have to be careful – if I get too wrapped up in this book and lose objectivity, I can fall into either cliché traps or Legend-in-my-own-mind traps, and neither will serve the work. But I can slip into its world at any time, and the world slowly reveals itself to me. It’s like nothing I’ve ever visited before, and I treasure every moment spent there.

Day work was fine, and the show was a bit rocky. More monkey madness – the wings fit the replacements differently than the people for whom they were originally built, and it makes it harder to get the wings on the monkeys and locked in a quick change. They need to take another look at them and adjust each set appropriately. And my poor Tin Man blew through both pairs of white livery hose tonight. Fortunately, we have more in stock, and I can give him two fresh sets tomorrow. And some performer swings were switched to different tracks and were confused on entrances and exits and quick changes – so there was a bit of a muddle. But I don’t think the audience knew a thing. And that’s our job backstage – keep it going no matter what, so the audience has no idea.

Someone I know who only contacts me when something is required, and who makes friendship gestures but never follows through, called to ask a favour. Instead of setting myself up yet again for more frustration, I simply said no. Much better all the way around.

Tired and sore from working on the raked stage. In spite of the yoga, things are askew.

The Carol Shields book is so good I nearly missed my stop coming back home last night.

You all watching Lost tonight better fill me in, since I have to miss it! :) It’s another 14 hour day for me at the theatre.

With some work on Widow’s Chamber first.

As draining as this week is, at least I have a retreat weekend to look forward to – in four more weekends! :)

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