Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Wednesday, January 5, 2005
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Temperatures dropping; rain turning to sleet and snow

The schools in the counties north and west are systematically shutting down because they’ve already been hit quite hard with the bad weather. I have one errand to do out and about this morning – will do it as soon as I post this – so that I’ll be tucked in the home for the rest of the day.

I’m re-reading an absolutely beautiful, thoughtful, provocative book:

Life in a Day by Doris Grumbach.

It’s a diary of how this writer’s mind meanders over the course of one day. I want to pick an excerpt to use in my “Writers and Journals” intensive – the problem is what to pick! Every paragraph is so beautifully crafted.

It’s a wonderful book for writers because she is a writer, and we can connect with the process and laugh along wryly at some of her procrastinations. It’s a wonderful book for a photographer or a poet or a painter or any artist because of her sight and interpretation of the world around her. It’s a wonderful book for just about anybody who takes the time to think during the course of a day.

Thinking back to the first time I read this book (I picked it up in a used bookstore in New Orleans last February), I realize how much it inspired me. I wrote an article about three days in a writer’s life (mine) after I read it – never marketed it, because it was more of an exercise for myself than a piece to publish. But that piece eventually led to this blog. I don’t pretend to be the writer she is – but I certainly appreciate her writing!

Exhausted from yesterday at the theatre. Everyone’s nerves are on edge – the new performers are being worked all day and then trailing the show at night to learn the backstage choreography. The performers who are leaving are packing up their dressing rooms and dealing with the separation anxiety that always happens when you leave a show, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. Those who are left are also dealing with the separation, and, especially in wardrobe, the extra work such massive cast changes entail, along with trying to prep the clothes that will go out on the tour. Plus, at this time of year, everyone’s still exhausted from the crazy holiday schedule.

Personally, I think all shows should give the performers and crew a paid week of vacation right after the New Year, so we could all come back refreshed. Unfortunately, they aren’t going for it.

The seed catalogs are arriving. I love to page through the catalogs and sigh over what I would plant – what I WILL plant – when I have a garden, and to decide what herbs, etc. I can plant in pots on the windowsill this spring. With only Northern exposure windows, I need plants that don’t require a lot of sun.

I did some tweaks on the outlines and first scenes and sent them off last night – a day ahead of schedule. The producer is pleased – he only expected one outline with a first scene and he received four. Hopefully he and his staff will actually like one of them and put me on contract.

In the meantime, I will run my errand, do some work on Charlotte (I plotted out the next few episodes on the train yesterday) and catch up on some work for the KIC mag. Some edits I sent never arrived, so I have to find the file and resend them. Of course, it was on the article with the most difficult editing, but . . .that’s the way it goes. The file is not where it should be (typically Murphy’s law), so I will hunt it down.

And then . . .to Lindisfarne.

Metaphorically, anyway.



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