Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Feb. 2 Part II

Matinee was fine. Everyone was happy to see me, it was nice to catch up, and a pleasure to just breeze in and out of the place. I’m sore from the weight of the costumes and the raked stage, but, hopefully, a few extra yoga sessions can work out the kinks.

Stopped at the new location of the Gotham Book Mart. Oh, the wonderful smell of wood polish along with the smell of books! I could have easily spent the whole day in there.

Lost was a re-run (highly annoying). I chose to refuse my responsibility as a citizen and skipped the state of the union address. I simply wasn’t up to watching something that would end up with me frothing at the mouth with rage and elevating my blood pressure to dangerous levels. I’m taking a break from politics for the next few weeks while I regroup and decide where to go from here. I’ve deleted the rest of the paragraph because it simply won’t do any good to post it.

Instead, I read Michael Jecks’s The Merchant’s Partner, which is even more interesting and complex than The Last Templar. I figured out the who, but the why was much more interesting and unusual than I suspected.

Two of the CDs containing 1920s music arrived. I can’t wait to play them (over and over and over until I drive the cats batty) while I work on Glam Hearts tomorrow.

I was just about ready to submit the Lindisfarne revision when I got an e-mail from the editor letting me know there’s been yet another revision in the guidelines. It would be so nice if they figured out what they wanted before telling writers they wanted certain pieces and not change them constantly during the writing process. I am more and more convinced we are not a good match. I really hate what the article is turning into – a dry as stale toast. If you take the “atmosphere” out of the place, there’s no reason to go there. Every molecule of the island is seeped in atmosphere. Whatever. I’m doing another quick pass at it tomorrow and off it goes. The version I prefer, which bears no resemblance to the revision, will go out elsewhere. And probably do better.

Ransagh is beckoning to me, but it has to wait until I clear out some of these deadlines. I’ll work on it tomorrow in class.

I should put Ransagh aside and finish Periwinkle first, because that’s an easy sell, but it’s Ransagh that demands attention right now. And bits of the screenplay keep simmering. I’m trying to keep the heat low enough on that so it doesn’t boil over for awhile.

Got an idea for a new play, too; if that starts demanding attention, I won’t need to watch Lost – I’ll be hacking my way through a jungle of words!

Calgary Flames sent me an e-mail saying the NHL has tabled the CBA. So the season’s lost.

Gary Bettman must be removed. Let’s dismantle the NHL and build it up from scratch. And get in a hockey commissioner who actually cares about the sport and puts the future of the sport above his own mission of breaking the Players’ Association.



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