Thursday, February 03, 2005

Feb. 3 Part II

Roughed out the ending for Glamorous Hearts. Right now, it’s also twelve scenes. So that’s 24 scenes out of a needed 60. That gives me 36 scenes in the middle to play with.

I will tweak the ending in the rewrite, but the structure is there, and most of the dialogue works. It will need to be tightened, but that’s not a problem. My red pen is my friend.

When I work on the middle, I will write a slew of scenes, then print them out and lay them out to see what should go where. There are certain points in the middle I have to hit to show the growth of the relationships, but there are also bits of comic relief to be tossed in.

All in all, a good morning’s work.

Break for lunch and then some attention on the serials. I want to cough up some more of Widow’s Chamber and I’ve read enough about Cuba, so I think I can do the next section of Cutthroat Charlotte.

The music is great. Unfortunately, much of it has vocals, and I have difficulty writing with vocals running in the background. While these songs will be helpful for revision work, I need instrumentals for creation.



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