Saturday, February 05, 2005

Feb. 5 Part II

--2 issues revised and sent of Charlotte.
--1 revised issue sent of Widow’s Chamber.
--Several submissions reviewed and commented on for the KIC mag.
--10 scenes of Glamourous Hearts (this puts me past the halfway point in the script. I’m writing misc. middle scenes right now and then arranging them. Once I’ve written some more, I’ll figure out where I need bridge scenes and write them). It’s flowing beautifully, and, for that, I’m grateful.

Feeling worse and worse as the day progresses. From Mildly Miserable to Moderately Miserable. Whatever it is has flu-like symptoms – fever, aches, congestion, headache -- except I’m ravenously hungry. I made colcannon and pork chops with one of Julia Child’s spice marinades and had two helpings. Go figure.

I need to do more work on Widow’s Chamber before I can call it a night, but I just don’t know how much more I can do. I truly feel dreadful in head and body. But the stomach is full and happy. I keep getting dizzy, too.



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