Thursday, February 10, 2005

Feb. 10 Part II

I was almost useless as a writer today. I couldn’t focus on the work. I caught up on business, but I wasn’t creative. It’s as though I’ve pulled a creative muscle and my brain is limping. Hopefully, the weekend will restore me.

The decision to make the leap with Charlotte means I have to throw out most of this week’s work on it. Not such a big loss – it wasn’t working properly, and the characters had grown quite annoyed with me. I think I’ll finish up the episode after she gains her moniker, then switch back to 1782, then have a humorous reminiscence, then jump ahead about a year. I’ll do an arc in 1719 for a few episodes, and then jump ahead to Anne and Mary’s trial. It’ll mean some massive research – hopefully I won’t need to do it for the episodes due this week.

Ink in My Potting Soil
According to my lunar calendar, today is a good planting day. So I planted the Culantro and the Cress.

The Culantro should take 14-21 days to germinate, and be ready to harvest 50-60 days from that. So lovely little shoots should start peeping up anywhere from Feb. 24 – March 3. And it should be ready to harvest 50-60 days beyond that.

The Cress is supposed to sprout in 10 -14 days, which means showing its little heads from the 20-24. And then harvest 7-10 days beyond that, which mean I could be having high tea with cress sandwiches by the end of the month.

Better not get ahead of myself here! :)

Back to Writing:
Time and Space to Write met early today, due to weather concerns. They told us it would rain all day and then we’d get 3-5 inches of snow. The rest of New England is supposed to get a foot. Of course, as of this writing, not a flake has been seen.

In any case, all my students stuck to their 15 minutes of writing a day, with no skipping. I’m proud of them. And I told them to up it to 30 minutes a day this week. I promised it would not double every week.

I managed to write 10 pages of Ransagh during that time. They’ve journeyed through the dragon’s lair, been given a few whimsical and very strange items that I won’t give away here, and are on their way to retrieve Jory from the Amazons. Since I am quite pro-Amazon (they got an unfair, bad rep over the centuries, thanks to male historians), there will be as many turning of annoying mythologies inside out in this section as there are in the others.

I’m pretty sure this will be more than one book. I wanted it to be one, but they are nowhere near done with their adventures in the North and we’re on page 123. Since they have all four directions and the center to evolve through, it’s going to be more than one book. I was worried that I didn’t have enough for a trilogy, which would fit in the theme, but now I’m pretty sure that I do. Beginning, North and East will be Book One, South and West will be Book Two, and Center will be Book Three. Even with the massive cuts I’m sure I’ll have to do in the rewrites, I think I’ll wind up with three books. Especially since I still have to write the Prophecies and the Cowrie Songs. I realized I can’t write any of them until I know how it all comes out.

Goddess forbid I should stick to an outline! :)

I do have sections outlined, but there are so many archetypical veins to mine along the way that I don’t want to be boxed in. By anything. The characters are evolving sequence by sequence. They’re refusing to be sucked into clichés, and they’re being true to themselves in addition to learning and growing from each situation into which they’re being thrust.

What the hell do I know? It’s not my genre and I’m making it up as I go along.

Although I have to admit that when I say it’s “not my genre”, I end up doing better at it than when it’s something I think is my genre.

Just shut up and write already!

Unfortunately, ideas for yet another non-fiction project – a long-term one – have started boiling in my brain. It would need some serious planning, and I doubt I could launch it until fall or maybe next winter. But it would be a good resource for working writers. Not for beginners, but for people committed to this vocation. It would fill a void, so I might just have to, slowly, in my spare (?) time, work on the planning and funding of it.

First and foremost, I need to finish research for the other non-fiction proposal and write that up and start sending it out. Then I can start thinking about this one.

Now, finally, the noise has quieted around me – can you imagine how hard it was to work with them renovating a kitchen next door and trying to carry a refrigerator up three flights of stairs? They dropped it several times and the beast literally kept sliding down the staircase. The cats had a fit.

But it’s quiet now. So Scott Joplin goes back on the CD player. I will overcome my urge to take all my CDs out of their unit and rearrange them, and turn my full attention to Glamourous Hearts.



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