Monday, February 07, 2005

Feb. 7 Part II

If you want to read some good short stories, two of my writers’ group friends are in the current issue of Wild Child:

Mingled Yarn” by Michelle Miles


Guitar” by Warren Parsons

And BK Birch’s short story is up on Penwomanship:

A Day With Pepper

Congratulations to them! Good work!

Three issues of Charlotte written, edited and sent. They flowed well, and I think the battle scene where Charlotte earns her nickname of “Cutthroat” worked out. She earns it in Issue #48, in case anyone’s curious! :)

And Ivor, the archer that’s joined them, is an interesting bird. He’s only in with them for a short arc, but he’ll be good at driving several plotlines forward. For those of you who like the meanings of names, “Ivor” was a deliberate choice and sort of says it all! I liked the sound of the name for him, and when I looked up the meaning – which is “archer”, and I’d already written the scene where he reveals his talent – I had to laugh.

Nothing is coincidence.

If the pirate serial flows this well all week, I will be soon caught up. We can only hope.

I need to hunt down the trial transcripts of Anne Bonney and Mary Read. Their trials won’t happen for awhile – probably not until the second 100 episodes – but I need the information. Charlotte still needs to grow into her new “career” a little more before she can get her own ship.

Finished, revised, and sent off another issue of The Widow’s Chamber. I feel I’m getting back on track with both the western and the pirate serials.

Worked on the tarot column. E-mailed a friend to get some quotes to use in the column.

The Job Opportunity sent me some test scenes. I’m playing with them. I’m having waaaaaay too much fun with them. Hey, they asked for zany humour – they’re getting it with a large “Z”. I’m going to town with them. It might be too much, but they said they wanted zany, witty, and out of the ordinary. That’s what they’re getting. I’m staying within their basic parameters – but I’m pushing the edges as far as I can without breaking them.

The 1920’s music is on, and I’m going to see if I can get a few scenes of Glam Hearts under my belt before cooking dinner and going off to class. Actually, playing with these test scenes and working on the scenes for Glam Hearts is a great warm-up to teach a Dialogue Workshop! J



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