Monday, February 14, 2005

Feb. 14 Part IV

The snow’s turned to rain. :(

Ink in My Potting Soil
The wheat grass I planted on Imbolc for the cats is sprouting. Hopefully, I can keep the cats out of it until there’s enough of it to be of use.

According to the calendar, today is another good day on which to plant. So I planted Creeping Thyme and three pots of a Northern Lights Wildflower mix. The Thyme should germinate between Feb. 28 and March 7. The Wildflowers should germinate between Feb. 24 and March 14.

I hover over the Culantro and the Cress daily, hoping they’ll germinate early and fussing at them.

I have to buy some more soil this week. I’m almost out. Saturday is supposed to be another good planting day, and I want to use it also to repot. The ivy, some of the kalachoe and some of the other plants have outgrown their pots over the past year, and I want to get them settled into new pots for spring.

Ink in My Kitchen
While I haven’t worked on any of the ancestral recipes, I have been mucking around in the kitchen. I served a lovely dish of peas and zucchini (from Deborah Madison’s The Savory Way) along with tortellini filled with mushroom and cheese in Alfredo sauce the other night. I also made Marion Cunningham’s raw apple muffins, which have been a favorite of mine for years. I usually mix about five different varieties of apples. However, this time I only had a bag of Red Delicious, so I used those and cut back a bit on the sugar. They turned out perfectly.

I’m working on a meatloaf recipe. It’s nice and moist, but for the next go-round, I can be a bit more aggressive with the spices. Always better to err on the side of caution with spices, I think, and add them in slowly.

Tonight, I’m going to make a chicken Creole. Yes, I’m still sulking that my trip to New Orleans was cancelled! :)

Back to writing:
The painters downstairs brought a boom box and put on very loud, very insulting rap music.

So I took Maidens of the Celtic Harp and cranked it.

The Harps won. :)

I had to do much more revision on the Charlotte episodes than I thought I would. I threw out quite a bit; I rearranged it. I also had to go back and create another episode – which meant renumbering and trying to keep track of the timeline. So I’ve finished off the original arc where Charlotte chooses this life and gets her nickname. I jumped ahead for an episode to 1782, and now I’m going to 1719, where Charlotte gets her own ship. She’ll have a few adventures and I’ve gotten her away from Calico Jack, Anne Bonney and Mary Read before they get captured and put on trial (as, historically, they did). Also, by setting Charlotte and her crew out on their own, I can escape some of the historical confines. I’ve rearranged some events anyway so they suit the course of the story better – a few months’ tweaking here and there, nothing too major. But I want to give them even more freedom.

I got a short-short called “Love in a Wok” polished and sent in to a contest. I wasn’t sure I’d get it done in time. Going short is always more difficult for me than going long.

I’m going to try to do some more work on Charlotte before I leave to teach.

Not a bad writing day.

I took a break from Glam Hearts to get some distance from it. I’ll do a couple more passes at it tomorrow and Wed. I’m worried that, because it’s gentle and witty and very much in the old style of radio for the ear instead of more modern forced conflict that it won’t be what they want.

Basically, I’m worried that I’ve blown it, although I feel very good about the actual script, if that makes any sense at all.



At 8:37 AM, Blogger Lara said...

Okay, NOW you've got me all hungry and wanting to listen to my MAIDENS OF THE CELTIC HARP CD!

At 6:52 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Glad Charlottte escaped before Anne Bonney and Mary Read got captured! They escaped being hung by "pleading their bellies" didn't they (both by Jack Rackham, right?) Doesn't sound like Charlotte's contemplating motherhood yet from what you say here - so she'd better stay away from the hangman!


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