Thursday, February 17, 2005

Feb. 17 Part III

I’m about ready to fall over with exhaustion. Six serial episodes written, revised, and sent. Two each of Tapestry, Cutthroat Charlotte, and Widow’s Chamber.

Tapestry is starting a fun arc where Nina’s hired to work on a benefit for a Foundation. Since I used to be a Foundation Administrator and run benefits, I can have some fun with that arc.

Charlotte and Rory plan to marry and Calico Jack’s just given them their own ship in Charlotte. They’re putting together a new crew and getting ready to set off on their own.

Madame Fontaine has finally agreed to meet Nora. Once Nora meets her, she’s in for a shock. Madame Fontaine is connected to something that happened to Nora before she even reached Nashville.

It’s all good, but I’m exhausted, and I still have a class tonight which means facing Ransagh . . .



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