Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Feb. 23 Part III

Had to update some virus software. The first run-through took 3 hours and found a bunch of icky junk Microsoft swore they fixed with a patch. So much for Microsoft. Big surprise. Got rid of the muck, hopefully haven’t hurt my system, and am re-running the scan just to double check.

I decided that, rather than beating myself about not being creative today, I’ll read the Marlowe book (which is quite inspiring by the way, especially read so soon after Will in the World) and focus on Ransagh. After class tonight, I’ll watch the tape of Lost and West Wing.

I picked up four shows over next weekend, so I’ll double next Wednesday’s class and cancel next Friday’s. That’s another plus about moving the classes off-campus – I have more flexibility.

Isn’t that usually the case when less money is involved?

Plus, working on Ransagh will cheer me up.

Found a great site for pirate lore:

Dead Men Tell No Tales

And ordered the transcript from Anne and Mary’s trials. By the time it gets here, I’ll be far enough along in Charlotte to need it.

Finding a good book always helps.

I might pull out some of my books on painting and photography this afternoon and use them to replenish.

When you fall into the abyss, if there’s no rope, you just hack handholds in the rock and climb back out.


P.S. Ink in My Potting Soil
The Culantro’s come up!!!


At 6:06 AM, Blogger Colin said...

I totally agree Devon. Ask any Scot how they felt - and STILL feel about Lockerbie and Dunblane, both of which still send a shiver up my spine and lump into my throat.

Lest we ever forget!


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