Friday, February 25, 2005

Feb. 25 Part II

I polished and sent the remaining issues of Charlotte. I’m caught up on three of the four serials, and have enough breathing space in order to spend the next week and change concentrating on Widow’s Chamber. I don’t think I’ll be able to wrap up the entire arc, but I should make good progress on it.

Seven new pages of Ransagh, with the possibility of more tonight after class. Also typed Chapter Four – boy, there is some seriously bad writing in there. Thank goodness for rewrites! Had to go back and do an insert in Chapter Two, because I realized there is a gaping hole that won’t make sense when I reach the final section of the trilogy. So the pothole is filled with princes – you’ll have to read it to see what that means – and the problem is solved.

Still need to do some more work on the tarot column, but I’m feeling better about it.

I’m looking forward to watching Jane Hansen’s New York tomorrow night – a close friend is the Production Stage Manager for a new Broadway show called Good Vibrations which is about to open, and the TV show will follow them through the day before opening. Actually, now that I’m somewhat caught up writing wise, I’ll be able to watch the segment at a friend’s party celebrating the Independent Spirit Awards tomorrow night, and then go to an Oscar party on Sunday.

About time I did some socializing! :)

In tomorrow’s entry, I’ll share my research on the Battle of Camlann and the Edo period in Japan. Two more items scratched off the To-Do List.



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