Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday, February 20, 2005
Waxing Moon
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Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I’m sorry the hockey season is cancelled, but glad that the players didn’t cave. Any person who actually works for a living would have to be revolted and insulted by the NHL proposals that have come across the table over the last few months. Get over your prejudice against people who earn more than you do – take out the numbers and actually read the proposals. You’d have to be an idiot to agree to them.

The owners broke the sport and now they want to punish the players. Bettman wants to break the Players’ Association. None of this is about the good of the sport. It’s about ego.

Watch for my article on how I think it needs to be restructured! :)

Yesterday, for me, was all about Ransagh. Okay, so I got an issue of Tapestry done. But most of the day was devoted to Ransagh. I wrote twelve new pages – they are done with the Amazons and about to meet the Lady of the Beasts.

I also broke my own rule and typed the first two chapters. The way the piece is growing, I have to keep the various threads taut. Searching through well over 150 pages of handwritten manuscript to check details is too hard. I’m merely typing what’s on the page, and putting the inserts where they’re supposed to be. I’m not doing any revision yet. Although I see a few places where I started off in one direction and then went elsewhere without going back and fixing it. There’s a lot of work to be done.

What surprised and pleased me when I read back over the material was that I couldn’t put it down. I am creating the piece I always wanted to read and could never find in the bookstore. Whether anyone else will want to read it is not something I can worry about right now. I simply need to write it.

I finally found my pad of paper with all the publishing house lists I needed. Now I can get back to writing query letters.

When I get the new Writers’ Market, I take a few days and sit down with it. I make a list of projects that need homes and, as I read the WM cover to cover, I take notes. Unfortunately, I’d lost that set of notes, but I’ve now found them and can get back on track.

I want to finish up a few episodes of Charlotte today to catch up and then turn my attention to the hockey article, a couple of articles I’m writing for my friend Michelle’s newsletters, the story for EWW, and the grant proposal.

I sat up last night and fretted about whether or not to go for the grant proposal. It’s a good sized chunk of change, but I hate writing grants and I hate the whole process of grants. I don’t fit into anyone else’s box. I can’t be contained in a form. And I resent trying to fit what I do into someone else’s ideas of what I should do.

At the same time, there are plenty of people who work in the grant-giving world who are looking for something that’s a bit different. They can see past the boxes. You simply never know if you’re applying to one of those organizations.

But, if I don’t at least try, I truly don’t have a chance at it. I’ve got everything needed for the grant – except the envelope in which to mail it. It’s merely a case of putting it all together in one place. I think I’ll use the first chapter of the hockey novel, Clear the Slot, as the material.

Of course, by the time I actually send out the grant, I may have changed my mind.

I also need to work on the story for the coffee company and decide whether or not to submit something to the Chicago Tribune contest.

I guess I have to make some decisions today! I’d rather write Ransagh.

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