Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday, February 1, 2005
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Tomorrow, Keep It Coming features Angel Hunt on their one-day only ebay special. You can bid on a one month subscription – and it usually starts at 99 cents.


This link will ONLY work on Wednesday, February 2. If you click it today or on Thursday, it won’t go through.

Worked out some of the complications for Glam Hearts, but haven’t broken it down into the correct scenes yet. I need to do some more flow work first, and then break it down. Then I can number the scenes starting from the final scene backwards, and that will let me know how many scenes I need for the middle. I want to put the scenes with Harriet introducing Leonard to “appropriate” girls and then sabotaging them in the middle, plus Leonard getting Harriet a banned copy of Ulysses and their first kiss all stuffed in there. But until I work out the end sequence properly – a masked ball that has to be done aurally not visually – I won’t know how much room I have for those other scenes.

So I have to be technical as well as creative.

I dread going in to the theatre today, although I’m supposed to have a drink with a friend after work, and that should be fun.

Wrote a few pages of Ransagh last night, finishing up Chapter Six. The village is destroyed, the twins who will be important later on were spared, Jory’s kidnapped, and the other characters are off to rescue her. Although I must say, she’s holding her own quite well. Chapter Seven will be split between Jory and her captors, Raisa and Kenelm catching up, and the rest of the band using the highwayman Geoffrey to track Jory.

The screenplay’s niggling at me, but it has to take a number.

I’m going to try to squeeze out another issue of Widow’s Chamber before I leave. If I can pick up the Cuban guidebook today, I can get another issue of Charlotte done before tomorrow’s matinee.

February To-Do List:

2 months’ worth episodes: The Widow’s Chamber
1 month’s worth of episodes: Tapestry
1 month’s worth of episodes: Angel Hunt
1 1/2 months’ worth of episodes: Cutthroat Charlotte
Direct mailing for serials
10 query letters for Elsa’s Sweater
10 query letters for Dixie Dust Rumours
10 query letters for Jill Moves
10 query letters for Captain Marbury’s Ghost
2 short stories (this may overlap some other items)
4 articles (this will overlap some other items)
Re-read Clear the Slot
60 pages of Ransagh
Ink in My Kitchen – 1 recipe
Continue work on Cerridwen’s Cottage website
Library Letters in Westchester
Complete Lindisfarne article rewrite
10 queries out to writers’ conferences
Rework two other travel articles
Update www.devonellingtonwork.com
Work on copywriting direct mail
Work on Assassin story for March 1 deadline
Work on short-short for Feb. 15 deadline
Complete “Trailblazing” article
Edo/Japan research
Gwenhyfach/Battle of Camlann research
F/U on Vietnam rescheduling
Work on non-fiction proposal
Work on marketing idea
Ink in My Potting Soil – whatever is relevant
Complete Glamourous Hearts

I’d hoped February would be a light month, but because I let too much slide in January, I have to catch up.

I want to use the energy of the Jupiter Retrograde as a positive to resolve stagnation in financial matters, rather than looking at it as something that will tangle them up even further.

Actually, this year, I’d like to ignore all these effing retrogrades. I was much happier when I had no clue they were going on. That’s not entirely true. I simply didn’t understand what caused obstacles and got even more stubborn, which usually had unpleasant results. Unfortunately, they have an impact, and I need to find ways to work with them instead of against them.



At 10:15 AM, Blogger Colin said...

I had to take a lie down after reading your to-do list! *phew*

Good luck with it :-)

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Debra Young said...

Good grief, Devon! And I thought my February to-do list is too much already! d:))

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

You are a genius of time management. I am in awe. *bowing*

I have a subscription through Keep it Coming for "Angel Hunt". Thank you so much for posting this link.


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