Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

The medication is healing the infection, but makes me nauseous. Can’t win. And, no matter how rotten I feel today, I have to go in for day work. Oh, well. Such is life. I’ll be home in the late afternoon and will crawl directly into bed. Again.

I was the tie-breaker judge for a play contest. Unfortunately, I thought both plays were awful. Very poorly executed. I made my feelings about them clear, but, since I had to pick one, I picked the one with the slightly more original premise. I’d hoped both would be lively, original and fun. What a disappointment!

I managed to get a total of ten new pages on Ransagh done and three issues of Widow’s Chamber written, revised, and out. I’m trying to balance the action and the drama in Ransagh with humour – each character has a distinct sense of humour and, as happens, it comes out at odd times. For awhile, I was worried that Kenelm (who should be the male character in the forefront of the piece, balancing Raisa) would be pushed back by Shawndor, but he’s holding his own. Shawndor came into the piece a good three sections before I expected him to, and has dominated a good part of it. Yet the dynamic between him and Raisa and Kenelm is important to their progress.

History channel has a series called Digging for the Truth, and last night’s episode was about knights and the Holy Grail. There was some good information there, but I disagreed with both the focus and the conclusion. Also, Josh, the narrator, wore the same clothes on all of his travels – as someone who works wardrobe and has worked continuity, that bothered me. He couldn’t have trotted around France, traveled to the Middle East, gone back to France, hopped to Germany, and come full circle on the same day in the same clothes. Yes, they flatter him, but would someone please be in charge of wardrobe? It was distracting. However, there was some interesting information in there that I can follow further and apply to some of my writing. Even if it means going in the opposite direction from what was presented.

In Widow’s Chamber, I’ve wrapped up a storyline started in an inn before they got to Nashville – Madame Fontaine merely has to tell her side of it and they’re done. I’ve brought Cam Murdock back into the story, which is important to Nora’s future. Matthew Darby may think he can take over as the leading man in this piece, but that’s Cam’s job! :)

Mercy’s storyline is wrapped up, are Frederick and Lottie’s. The ball will set up Aspasia’s future in a new direction, although she’s going to have a few surprises when we get to the ending. Jarlath has been downright monosyllabic since he showed up, and he’s going to have to start talking soon or away he goes!

I’m far enough ahead on both Tapestry and Angel Hunt that I can focus on Widow’s Chamber and Charlotte for the next few weeks and get as far ahead on them as I should be.

An editor is pushing me to do a rewrite on spec – with yet another change of direction. She said she’ll only look at articles until the end of the month, and that’s it. I’m seriously considering sending her a polite but firm e-mail telling her that since I’ve had so much paying work come in on tight deadline, I have not been able to do the numerous changes of direction she requests, because paying work must take priority over spec. There are markets that would take the piece as written and pay me ten times what she’s offered. Maybe, when she starts looking at articles again, she’ll actually know what she wants, and we won’t have this constant, “that’s not what I really want” from her and “that’s what you have in guidelines” from me, followed by, “well, I’ve changed the guidelines” from her.

My other option is to take one more pass at it tomorrow; if I can do it in an hour, I’ll resend. Otherwise, I’ll pull it.

Tomorrow will also be the big push to finish the grant. I might as well go for it. If I don’t at least try, I certainly won’t get it.

Anytime my head and stomach want to stop arguing with the rest of my body will be just fine with me.

Off to the train.

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