Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday, March 18, 2005
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Thanks to my friends and readers for all their support these past few days. It means a great deal to me. I’m better today – still have a migraine, but am more functional and also there’s a tiny spark of hope again.

When I need to call up the feelings of despair for my writing, I’ll have plenty of first hand experience!

I think the Congressional hearings on baseball are ridiculous. Not ridiculous in that they’re happening, but ridiculous in that, if I understand the information presented correctly, the players’ union negotiated into contracts what amounts to protections for the use of illegal substances in the first place. The new “tougher” policies imposed by the League are a joke. There's whining that the government shouldn't interfere -- well, if the sport itself turns a blind eye or merely gives a slap on the wrist for illegal usage, which is how it appears, the government has to interfere. Baseball has had plenty of time to police itself. Why wasn't a no-tolereance policy put into place as soon as the evidence of the dangers of using steriods was discovered? Because too many people earned a profit, that's why.

Yesterday was not particularly productive. I did some work in the morning. Going out and about helped a bit, but by lunch time the migraine crippled me. I spent most of the afternoon in a haze, half-dozing.

I’d read about an opportunity with a company that has a solid reputation. Several ideas started percolating during my haze. It would mean adding a great deal more to the writing schedule, but the profit should be pretty good. I simply don’t know if I have the stamina right now. I will play with some ideas – if they start flowing well, I’ll press on.

It would mean returning to a genre in which I haven’t written for quite a few years, because I felt the genre was getting dried up and redundant. It would mean either dusting off the name I used before, or creating a new one – I’m leaning towards creating a new one, making a fresh start. And it means deciding if I’m going to market that name/genre or keep relatively quiet about it. Obviously, I’m not going to keep absolutely quiet, because I’m mulling it over here.

It’s got to be written before any marketing decisions can be made, right? I’m tempted to try a 15,000 word novella, because that seems do-able, I love the novella format, and one of the ideas I have lends itself to that length. The company markets aggressively, so it might be an area where I could sit back a bit.

I wish I could untwist my head from my neck, release all the pressure, and then stick it back on. The tension in my neck is causing enormous pain. I hope to try some new yoga positions later today, and maybe those will release it.

Did some work on Ransagh last night. It’s always a relief to return to it. Shawndor surprised me, which is not a bad thing. I’m worried that I’m spending too much time on the Shawndor/Raisa/Kenelm dynamic and getting it out of balance with the Tom/Jory dynamic. But Shawndor – who was originally supposed to turn up for about three scenes and get killed – has put himself into a position of authority and importance in the piece that I couldn’t have imagined when I first invited him in. It’s interesting the way it works.

Need to work on the serials some more today. My editor’s server went down and she has to redo all the subscriptions by hand on her old computer. So, I resent what she needs, I’m waiting to see what she needs next week, and I’m staying current with the issues I’m working on, so that when she’s ready to send them, I can. I feel so badly for her – I know how devastating computer problems are!

Hopefully, today will be a productive day, and I can keep the migraine pain managed. Tomorrow night, I go into the city to do Rent. The actors are such a pleasure that it’s always fun to be there.

For today – take a few ibuprofen and hope for the best.

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