Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday, March 25, 2005
Full Moon (Storm Moon)
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Rainy and mild

Ever notice how it’s always the ones without the credits to back it up who have the most inappropriate, unprofessional and self-involved comments on someone else’s work or job trajectory? There are a few people who are getting on my last nerve. In the bigger perspective, they have very little to do with my overall life, so it’s best simply to shake my head and move on.

Two hours’ worth of ironing yesterday (on my neighbor’s borrowed board) gave me not only a stack of pressed clothing, but plenty of time to work out plot points for various pieces. I actually enjoy ironing – it gives me time to think and you have something tangible at the end of it to show for your work.

Worked on Angel Hunt. Realized that I’m closer to wrapping up this arc than I thought, which is a good thing. What they are about to do will trigger a series of confrontations that will wrap this up. Then I can go into the Donal arc, and then into the Paris arc. Six more months might just do it.

It felt good to work on AH again. I slipped right back into it.

Did a bit of work on Ransagh, but not enough.

I did some good work with The Tarot of the Four Elements. It’s a beautiful deck and the information is very pointed (in a good way). It’s a deck that works well for both meditation and reading. I’ll be able to write a thorough, positive review of it soon. I always like to work with a deck or an oracle for at least a month before I try to review it.

The primary focus today needs to be the serials – to make sure it’s all sorted properly and I’m back on track. I have a few more deadlines to enter into the big calendar – Llewellyn contracted me for two articles that are due June 1 (I won’t actually sign the contracts until Mercury goes direct) and on May 1 I have to pitch my ideas for the other annuals and calendars. This is my ten year anniversary with them. I need to build the tarot book into the schedule.

I need to work on a proposal for a company that, should they like me, would both toss me regular business writing work and pay well. I’d like to get the proposal out this weekend. It’s the second time they’ve run this ad in a month – with the guidelines changed slightly – so I’m pretty sure they’re not getting the kind of script writers they want. Hopefully, I am what they want.

And I want to spend some time on Periwinkle.

So I better get moving.

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You amaze me with your energy and drive. Have a nice weekend.



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