Sunday, March 13, 2005

March 13 Part II

In order to install Verizon DSL, I had to uninstall AOL, because the AOL won’t let the Verizon load.

So I do that.

Then I crawl around under tables and bookcases to set up the filter, modems, etc. All good. In spite of it being difficult to get around under there, I’m actually good at understanding how wires connect and what goes to what and why. Even when it’s not numbered or color-coded or idiot-proofed, I usually get it right the first time.

But the certificate won’t take. It said it “failed to verify” and could not load the software. This is AFTER Verizon called yesterday to say the service was ready.

It better not be Microsoft causing sabotage.

Now, when I called to order this crap, Verizon told me:

1. There was no conflict with the AOL software and there would be no loading problems; I could even keep both accounts, if I wanted, for only $5 extra;

2. They have a 24/7 help line if there’s a problem.

We all know #1 was already a lie.

As for #2 – I call the number and get a recording telling me to call during regular business hours.

First thing in the morning, I rip them six new a-holes (at least) on my way to reporting them to the BBB.



PS The happy news is that my friend accepted my apology, so it’s okay.

Lesson to self: Save your anger for consumer advocacy and spare the friends.


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