Thursday, March 03, 2005

March 3 Part II

Did the proposal for the Artists’ Event (and got permission from my editor). Sent over some ideas to the music producer with whom I’ll be working. Worked on some interview questions for another producer and some actors I will interview for another article. Did some research for an article on the meaning of Celtic colour, promised to a friend’s newsletter.

Scanned every city on Craig’s List that I thought would be remotely interesting, and sent off a proposal for some copywriting work to a Boston-based company. I’m debating about whether or not to do a proposal for event-scripting for a Baltimore-based company.

Posted an ad for my manuscript critique services on Craig’s List in this region.

I’m working on a query for a major travel magazine, and trying to figure out if I should add to the query articles already written. I’m going to pick up another copy of the mag this weekend while I’m in the city so that I can really get a feel for their style. They pay A LOT and I’d like to work with them.

I try to write travel pieces in the same style that I prefer to read them: conversational tone, useful information, a touch of humour, plenty of atmosphere, and a lack of pretension. I don’t care if celebrities go somewhere – in fact, I’m less likely to go somewhere that celebrities go, because there’ll be too much commotion.

Trying to figure out the future plan for the serials. I have ideas for two more serials, but there’s no way I’d even pitch them until I’d put at least three serials to rest. I’m just going to indulge myself in the research for now, and maybe write a bit here and there. Before I even pitch them, I want to have at least 200 pages of each written.

I was going to end Widow’s Chamber this November. Then, I realized the entire point of pitching WC in the first place (along with the love of the serial and the love of the western) was to see if I could sustain it indefinitely. Tapestry will be the first to end, I think – I’ll end it after the Finding Jake arc. I think that will take me an additional six months on top of my current contract. Angel Hunt may well be the next to end. I want to wind up the current arc in 20 episodes, then do the Donal arc, then do the Paris arc. I’m not sure if that’s an additional six or nine months on my current contract. I’ll have a better idea closer to the end of the contract in November. I think Charlotte will run at least another year – I’m still early in the 1700s – I still have so much to explore with her, and her life in England, her life as a baroness in France, and then tying her in to the American Revolution.

So, I figure it’ll be 18 months to two years before I end the current serials and can start new ones. Which means 18 months to two years before any rights return to me and I can start marketing them. I don’t know how I feel about that in a business sense.

I also need to figure out a way to do some major sales boosting. I’m delighted by my subscribers, and my subscriber base grows month to month, but there are millions of people out there on the Internet, and I want more of them to subscribe to the serials. The brochure and direct mail campaign is one way, but I have to sit down and plan a full-fledged marketing campaign for the serial, much as I’m planning a multi-pronged campaign for my friend’s music business and for Glam Hearts when we have a release date. The library program I have in mind should also help, but if I never sit down and write the proposal and get it out to the libraries, it won’t happen. Urgh. Why are there only 24 hours in a day, and why can I only properly concentrate for about 16 of them?

The Business Angel is in charge today. The Creative Angel’s not having much fun. Hopefully, that will balance out in class tonight.

Because I have a heck of a lot of issues of Widow’s Chamber to get out. Nora and Cam are getting tired of waiting for me. They have a lot to say.



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