Thursday, March 31, 2005

March 31 Part II

Took a walk on the beach this morning. It was a bit chilly – too cold to do much except keep moving. I found some interesting shells – too bad my shell guide, which I’ve had since childhood is in storage! And there were quite a few stones with large flecks of pyrite in them.

It was a good way to clear my head.

Worked on Widow’s Chamber. The ball sequence will probably take up at least ten issues, and it’s quite complex. It’s rather driving me nuts. I think I have to step back and outline the whole sequence. Maybe I’ll write the whole thing, and then break it down into episodes. Thinking about it in small chunks isn’t working.

Spent far too much time filing today, but it needed to be done. Things had piled up too high, and if I don’t stay on top of the various projects, things will slip through the cracks.

I’m starting to get frustrated about the event on April 29 – the people running it are stingy with information. It’s not like I can find out about it two days ahead of time. I need to know what they need from me NOW so that I can plan appropriately. And they just don’t seem to have it together.

Honed the prospect list and wrote my letter. It’s good, it hits the right tone, it’s jazzy and hopefully enticing. I’ll print up some new business cards tomorrow and send out the first batch.

I want to do more radio, so I researched programs here and up in the Boston area. Since that’s where I want to live, I should start setting some groundwork. Plus, Boston has excellent radio. I found a good general listing of stations, and I got about a third of the way down the list, researching station by stations. There are a few stations that are right wing propaganda b.s. and there’s no reason to even contact them – our positions on the simplest things in life are so far apart it would not be a good time for anyone.

I’ll work on the radio letter and get it out this weekend.

Did some research for a couple of magazine queries I want to do. Article ideas are starting to spin in my head again, which is a good thing.

The quarterly newsletter is done. I think I can get it out before April 10.

I want to work on Vince and Annie, but think I’m too tired to get anymore done tonight. I feel all hunched up – think perhaps I should do a few yoga poses before I try to sleep.

Rest in peace, Terri Schiavo.



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