Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday, March 14, 2005
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Hopefully I can track down a technician and get the DSL crap fixed today. I am sick of NONE of these companies EVER fulfilling the promises they initially make to get their customers. I want to know who’s being paid off in order to allow them to continue like this. And I want that person removed from whatever position of responsibility he or she is in.

A lot is also the fault of the consumer. Every time a consumer fails to report when a company backs out on a promise, the consumer is telling the company that this behavior is acceptable and should continue. So the company continues screwing customers. Why not, when the customer allows it? And the customer is not only too lazy to do anything, but doesn’t care that his/her compliance is setting up the next person to be screwed as well.

EVERYONE has fifteen minutes to shoot off a letter when something doesn’t work properly. EVERYONE. Watch 15 minutes less TV or write it during the commercial breaks. There are 15 minutes of commercials in every hour of shows (actually more).

And while we’re on the topic of TV, I’m sick of drug ads being the prevalent type of ad on television. Why are drug companies allowed to push their pills? They are still drugs, even if they are available by prescription. The misuse of so-called legal drugs causes just as many problems as any other kind of drugs and I’m tired of drug pushers allowed to promote their products on television. You know what? If I need a prescription for something, that’s up to my doctor. Not up to me because of some ad I saw on TV. It’s one thing for me to go and research if and when I have a medical problem. It’s something entirely different when the pills are being pushed down my throat.

Bizarre set of dreams last night. One was about siblings fighting and making up – direct correlation to yesterday’s events. And the other was about trying to reprogram computerized signs in Las Vegas. Huh? I’ve never been to Las Vegas, much less written copy for those crawler things. It must be related to my DSL problems.

Anyway, errands this a.m., then must get the DSL situation straightened out, then polish a month’s worth of episodes of Charlotte and get them off. Tapestry week starts this week.

Ransagh has been dreadfully neglected lately. Raisa’s saying to me, “Are you ever going to get me out of this mess? I have a kingdom to reunite!” And, with the Thursday night class done, I have to make sure it doesn’t languish. “Time and Space to Write” was a pleasure, and I thank my students for a wonderful experience. I think some of them will continue on in their own writing group. I wish them well!

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