Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday, March 14 Part II

Exhausting day and no worthwhile writing done yet. That has to change in the next few hours, because I have deadlines.

Most of the day was dedicated to switching over to DSL. I finally reached a tech support person who was very nice and helpful. Turns out the stuff that refused to load is stuff I don’t need anyway. Only the directions won’t tell you that. Nor do the directions give you the secret word you need to get past the automatic message that tells you to call back during business hours in order to reach the 24/7 support line.

In other words, this could have all been fixed over the weekend.


However, I’ve gotten more done in an afternoon than I got done in a month the last time I switched ISP’s, so it’s a good thing.

Now, if I can only get some deadlined work done . . .



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