Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday, March 19, 2005
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Yes good ole Mercury’s gone retrograde again. That means: problems in communication, with electronic equipment and travel. But great bargain shopping.

Mantra: Stay low, stay quiet, go shopping.

I recently re-ran my chart, and it says that Mercury was retrograde when I was born – which means a Merc Ret should be positive for me.

Maybe this time I can make some improvements? Who knows. Take it day by day, moment by moment.

Did some work on Charlotte. I’m doing “snapshot episodes”. That means every episode or two I’m moving ahead in time, instead of doing each chronological event in their lives. It’s supposed to be action/adventure – I want to highlight those parts of their stories. Charlotte’s met the legendary chickcharnies of Andros, and just gave birth to twins. Now I need to get them back on the sea. I’ve done the research for Anne, Mary, and Calico Jack’s trial, and that will start about ten or twelve episodes down the line. I have no idea how long that arc will take.

Got out all the episodes for all the serials that my editor needs for next week. With four serials at various stages of subscription, it got a little confusing. I nearly sent something out as The Widow’s Tapestry at one point. Not a bad title, but it would be a bit confusing for my editor.

Stuck on Ransagh, although it’s calling to me today. Shawndor, Raisa and Kenelm have more to say, and yet I insist on shifting the focus back to Tom and Jory for a few pages.

I have two pieces rolling around in my head (guess there’s a lot of room right now) for the opportunity I call The Quick Sells. One I’m plotting in my head, and I think by tomorrow I can start putting words on paper. 15,000 words means approximately 60 pages. That’s 10 chapters of 6 pages each or 6 chapters of 10 pages each. I think I’ll structure it into 10 chapters of 6 pages each. If I could do a chapter a day, I could have the first draft done in ten days, and something that could be sent out done in about a month.

I have a few more other ideas for this company, that would be Quick Sells, but I think some of them are longer, and I’d like to start on a shorter one first, to see if I still have the chops for this genre.

And I have to stay on top of my other commitments, too.

The other piece I thought would be a Quick Sell, which is as yet untitled, is turning out to be an actual complex relationship novel. Darn it. It starts in Edinburgh and will take place in several locations around the world. I did about six pages last night. This is yet another slow, long-term project, which I don’t need right now, but the characters won’t shut up. If I don’t pay attention, they’ll pack up their toys and go home, the way it happened with the Boston Tea Party play and the Assassin story. So I’m going to listen and figure out how to juggle all of this without my head exploding.

If life would simply stay out of the way, I could get it all done.

I don’t believe it! The idiots are walking around under the window with leaf blowers. There’s snow! Beyond snow, it’s ice. It’s not like they’re going to get it anywhere. They just figure if they walk around all day making noise, they get paid. Of course, these are the same jerks who, when it snowed last week, brushed the fresh snow off the sidewalk and left the ice.

And they always wait until I’m trying to work to do it. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night I sit down at the desk – as soon as I start getting involved in work, some ass turns on a machine. The town has noise control policies but never enforces them. It’s ludicrous.

I’m putting the headphones on and trying to get some work done before I have to leave for the theatre later. It started as a good, positive day!

On a happier note, I managed to update the website all by myself yesterday. I only made one mistake, and Colin’s coaching me on how to fix it. That might not be a big deal to anyone else, but it is to technologically challenged me.

I am determined to learn how to do this.

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