Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday, March 26, 2005
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and mild

It looks like we finally have a spring day!

I’ve gotten three of the four serials sorted out. I’m in good shape and know where I need to be on everything except Widow’s Chamber. I’ll work on that today.

Periwinkle is a mess and needs lots of work. There’s some good dialogue in there, but I’m trying to cover too many directions. I need to do some cutting and focusing. I don’t want to be trapped in a formula, but I do need it to be coherent.

A pet peeve of mine is protagonists in books who are supposedly writers – only, for the entire course of the book, you never see them write. For a writer, writing is as much a part of the person as hair or fingers or eyes or whatever. Writers are always writing, even when they’re not at the keyboard. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any novel that successfully portrays it. I’m sure such a novel exists – I simply can’t think of it.

Periwinkle’s protagonist is not a writer, but she is very involved in her career, and I want to make sure I include it in the piece in a way that’s realistic without taking away from the rest of the story.

Wrote a few new pages of the second book of Ransagh yesterday. It’s going more slowly than I would like. I knew I would struggle with the section set in the South, and that ‘s exactly what’s happening. The West is very full and fleshed out in my imagination, but the South – I’m still trying to figure out how all the characters need to evolve though it.

Typed Chapter Seven of Book I, and did some fixes on Chapters Six and Seven.

Worked on my Prospect List for business clients and found a handful to which I will send introductory materials. If I can get a few of those letters out per week, and follow up in order to land some business, I’ll be okay. The phone book is amazing – just look at all those businesses! I have to convince enough of them that they need me and my skills so that I have enough money coming in to pay the bills and then some. Time to put Peter Bowerman’s techniques to work. I’ve used them in fiction – now it’s time to put them into play in the area for which he created them. And by researching thoroughly just a handful every week and sending out letters, I’m not overwhelming myself. If I set a goal of 60 or 100 a week – yeah, the return rate will be higher, but there’s no way I can sanely achieve that. I haven’t even been able to send out ten query letters for the children’s book lately!

I get so tired of balancing!

There also seems to be an influx, in the forums, of wanna-be writers who feel that they shouldn’t have to do any of their own research, editors should kiss their toes because they deigned to submit, they don’t need to know how to spell or punctuate, and, basically, they’re God’s gift and we should all fall over in awe.

Um, no.

Not only that, don’t waste my time.

I’m happy to help people become the best writers they can be. Heck, that’s a good part of my business. But I am NOT going to do their work FOR them. And I’m certainly not going to put up with the attitude that they know everything – without a single published credit to their names – and those of us who are actually surviving in the trenches don’t.

Not to mention the person who’s been absolutely vile to me for the past few weeks and now wants a favor! An expensive favor. You’ve gotta laugh with something like that. I said no. I got over the doormat stage years ago, thank goodness.

And today is a beautiful day. I want to spend some of it outside. Maybe I’ll take my notebook and go to a local café for a bit, sit by the window and enjoy.

I should do laundry, but hey, those clothes aren’t going anywhere on their own, so they can just sit for a bit.

Back to writing.

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