Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday, March 6, 2005
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

No hot water this morning – AGAIN – which does not put me in a good mood to start the day. Especially when I’m so overtired.

Shows went fine yesterday. There’s some pettiness going on amongst some people backstage. Hopefully, it’s just a phase – people overtired and too many people shut up together in too small a space. I’d hate to think this is the direction the atmosphere will take long term. We’ll see. Fortunately, I don’t have to be around it every day, and I don’t need to get caught up in it.

And the actors with whom I work directly are great, which makes up for a lot.

Had dinner with a friend of mine between shows. He just opened in a new show, and is enjoying himself enormously. I’m glad. He’s very good at what he does, and deserved to be in a good situation.

We had dinner at Little Saigon, one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants on Ninth Avenue and 46th St. The staff is always lovely to us, the food is great and the prices reasonable. I indulged myself with the lovely Vietnamese coffee with sweet condensed milk after the meal – one of my favorite parts of eating at a Vietnamese restaurant.

I found an interesting looking Vietnamese cookbook via Jessica’s Biscuit (, and I think I’ll order it.

One of the actors with whom I work has been writing satirical pieces for the amusement of cast and crew. He reminds me very much of Evelyn Waugh’s style in Scoop and The Loved One. I’ve recommended both books to him, and I printed out pages of info on Waugh for his perusal. I’m also going to give him some information on Terry Pratchett’s satirical novels – I think he’d enjoy them. He’s got to write whatever moves him, but his sense of satire and irony is so strong and his language so dexterous that this might be an interesting direction for him to explore.

Talked with the music producer about the marketing plan, etc. He’s going to a conference in about a week, so I’m going to come up with some materials for him in the next few days. We’re going to discuss tone, focus and image today, so that I can get on it right away. I think he should set up a blog to get people excited about his creative process musically and artistically. Make his audience feel a part of the process. He wrote a song for the Salt Lake City Olympics – his range is huge.

Read an article in the paper today about another friend. At first, I thought it was simply filled with inaccuracies. Then, I realized that he’s gently rewriting his history to fit the image he wants to present. He’s not outright lying – but he’s doing some bending and stretching. On the one hand, I understand why. We all choose the aspects on which we want to focus, and on which we want the public to focus when we put ourselves out there. I’m ferociously protective of my private life, and basically feel it’s no one’s business expect the people involved. On the other hand . . the way it’s happening and the way it is presented makes me quite wary of him as a person. I’ve felt this wariness coming on for some time now, and this solidifies it. Got to go with the gut, right? And my gut tells me to keep a distance.

Ten pages yesterday on Ransagh. I see the end of Book One – as soon as I’m done with this section – I figure approximately 50-60 more pages – the first draft of Book One is done. I’m very excited – especially since the blog is the only place I discuss the book – and I’m also a bit sad of letting it go. Although, since there are two more books that will be written immediately because it is all of a piece, I won’t be letting go for a good long time.

I want to go back and see when I started Ransagh. Was it December? January? I don’t remember. I do know that, once it caught fire, it took on a life of its own above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for it.

And that’s good.

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At 2:39 PM, Blogger Debra Young said...

RANSAGH. 50-60 more pages Wow. Congratulations(!) on your progress with it.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Pandora Nicollet said...

You have excellent taste in food and drink! I adore Vietnamese coffee, too.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Interesting comments on your friend's bio - anymore, it seems as if the spin, not the reality, is everything, doesn't it? On any news story about an issue, political or otherwise, it's impossible to discern the truth anymore because whichever side is writing it is so busy working the spin-machine that the truth is lost.


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