Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thursday, March 24, 2005
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Correction: For the past few days, I’ve said in my header that Saturn was retrograde. Saturn actually went direct on Monday, the 21st. My apologies for misreading my calendar (a typically Mercury-retrograde thing to do)!

I lost one of my rings yesterday, doing errands. I generally wear six silver rings – three on each hand. Yesterday, at some point during the errands, one of them fell off. I don’t know when or where. It’s a small silver ring, a coiled snake, which I bought at a street fair in Greenwich Village over a dozen years ago while working off-Broadway. It had personal meaning to me, and I will miss it. But, sometimes, it’s time for these items to move on. Hopefully, someone will find it and it will bring the meaning to them that it brought to me.

At the same time, I received a lovely gift from my friend Michelle – a book mark decorated with silver and amethyst. Amethyst is one of my favorite stones – I use it all the time, and have it all over the house. Thanks, MIK!

Ten pages of Ransagh Book II done. They had the first encounter with the werewolves and are also pursued by the Markiagh Keeir Annym (get out those Manx dictionaries, boys and girls). Actually, I should say that many of the names are Manx-inspired, not properly-used Manx. I’m behind where I want to be on it, but it’s moving along.

Submitted a magazine article – keeping my fingers crossed on that one. I need to prepare a proposal for a job that I think would pay decently and might be fun, but I don’t like the spin they want on the test piece. However, they’re the ones paying, so I need to shut up and do it. Worked on text for the second website. I want to get all the text ready before I code it, so I can then code it and load it. If I manage that successfully, I’ll have to figure out how to add pages to the devonellingonwork site. It needs some additional pages.

Fretting about the Quick Sell dilemma. How do I schedule in a major project that I know will sell, but takes too much time to do for it to be worthwhile bumping other projects? Set myself a two-page per day goal? Or a one-scene per day goal? How long will it take to get where I need to go? I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

I still haven’t put any time and attention on to Periwinkle, which is a necessity.

My serial schedule is completely screwed up and I have to sit down and figure out where I am and what I still need on my schedule. I’m behind again on Widow’s Chamber – it seems no matter how much work I do on it, I’m always behind. Urgh. Frankly, I’m feeling trapped by the serials right now. I know this is a passing feeling – I’ve invested too much physically and emotionally in them to abandon them. But I’m trying to figure out how to rebalance everything. I have to spend less physical time on them, because the return is too small for the amount of work put in to it right now. There has to be more time built into my life for business projects, because that’s what brings in the money in a reasonable amount of time.

I also miss working on a play. I miss the writing process of a play – which, for me, is to get the first draft down in one fell swoop, even if it means staying up for a couple of days straight. I miss the rehearsal process – finding the right actors. Working with them in the rehearsal room. Experiencing the way they bring the script to life. Cutting the unnecessary words, because once you have a three-dimensional human there, you can get rid of extraneous words.

I’m not yet ready to take up the Triangle Factory Fire play again, although I hope I can at some point this year. I put it aside after 9/11 and have not been able to recommit to it. There’s another play, that has its seeds in a collaborative project I did years ago called “The Father/Daughter Project”. It was a single, slightly surreal section of a naturalistic project. I always wanted to do more with it and turn it into its own project – the first act dealing with the Iphegenia story, the second act bringing it into modern day. I re-read some of my notes. I wish I had the original pages of the piece – there was some excellent dialogue between Clytemnestra and Agememnon that I want to use, but I have a feeling I have to start from scratch. I looked back at my notes. There’s some promise in them – I have to let it percolate.

There’s quite a bit percolating in the Creativity Cauldron, and I have to see which spews out as a geyser first. While still meeting all my deadlines. In the best of all possible worlds, I can spend the next few days as a hermit, working only on the writing and get some of these tangled threads sorted out.

Sunday, the plan is to meet with some of my writer friends, and we can talk about life, work, and anything else that comes up. I am so looking forward to it! And if I have a few productive days ahead of time, I’ll be able to enjoy it even more!

I also miss Scotland terribly right now. It’s been too long since my last visit. Although on a practical level, I need to go to Paris in the fall for research, on an emotional level, I need to go to Scotland. So, toss that out to the universe and see what comes back!

Slow start this morning, but at least I went out and got my haircut. I was starting to feel like an abandoned sheepdog, and now I feel more like a professional human.

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At 3:59 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

When I saw that one, I knew it was you. You're welcome. :)

At 5:30 PM, Blogger Colin said...

Scotland misses you too, my friend! :-)

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Billi-Jean said...

You are so prolific!
It is amazing how much writing you do - and how consistently.


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