Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thursday, March 3, 2005
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

So there’s a possible plot to bomb Grand Central Station, according to the media. Like this is a surprise? Is the rest of the country really so stupid and so willfully ignorant or are they simply acting surprised by information we figured out a couple of years ago, and which was brought home back in November when the security in the station tripled? Hello, we’ve been living under siege for three years. We know it. When will the other bozos in the country get it? I was interviewed twice yesterday at GC (neither interview aired) and said basically the same thing: The information is no surprise and the administration needs to stop jerking off and actually solve the problem. And yes, that is my opinion and I have a right to it. You don’t like it, click to someplace else.

Everything hurts from handling the heavy costumes. But it’s okay. I’ll do some extra yoga. It was good to see everyone, but even in the short time since I’d last done the track, there were changes and no communication. The regular dresser didn’t know I was coming in, or she would have left me the info – she was told it was the person she’d just trained. So I had no idea there were differences until we hit the change and the actor said, “oh, we don’t do it this way anymore”. It’s so frustrating. In other changes, one of the actors started taking off his boots, and I said, “Why are you doing that? Was I supposed to set a different pair of boots?” And he looked at me and said, “No, I’m just wrong” and put them back on. It was pretty funny.

I’m meeting with my friend this weekend who runs a music company about the press campaign for one of his client’s new CD. And I have to do a proposal today – I’ve been invited to participate in an evening of artists at the end of April and I have to give them the proposal of what I want to do. I’ll post more on that event when I have it.

Only one issue of Widow’s Chamber out yesterday, which means I have to hunker down today and get to it. Cam revealed to Nora what he really does for a living – it sounds like I’m stretching the truth, but there actually were those positions at the time.

Stopped in a bookstore on impulse to pick up the latest issue of Yoga Journal. Found a book about piracy on the remainder table – it seems a bit later than the era about which I’m writing, but I grabbed it anyway – I’m sure it will come in useful. And found Benjamin Hoff’s tribute to Franklin W. Dixon – The House on the Point, which is so much fun that I spent far too long reading it last night. I’m such a fan of juvenile series fiction, especially from the early part of the 20th century. I love the Ruth Fielding books, especially the Beverly Gray books, and even Vicki Barr. So many of them present such a picture of their time, faults and all. And I love that Ruth Fielding was an independent woman with a career and a family at the turn of the 20th century.

Taught a double session of the Writers and Journals class. It was tiring, but well worth it. Someone at the show asked me an interesting question: What’s your favorite class? They’re so different and the students are such wonderful individuals that whatever class I’m teaching at the moment is my favorite. It sounds like a cop out, but it’s true.

Once I came home, I watched tape of Lost and West Wing, my Wednesday night indulgences. Lost was pretty good. It was great to finally get Hurley’s back story. I loved the scenes between Hurley and Danielle. I hope they keep running into her on the island – she’s fascinating, and the fact that she and Hurley connected the way they did, and understand each other . . .very well done. She’s another one who is perfectly cast. Loved the scenes between Locke and Claire. Felt that the scene where Sawyer was annoyed by the boat building was written weakly. It was stuck in there for comic relief and failed miserably. I also didn’t buy the last scene between Hurley and Charlie – again, it was awkwardly written, and the actors were forced to do something inorganic to their characters. Charlie knows Hurley wouldn’t lie to him at that point, and his response was completely unbelievable – much as Monaghan tried to make it work. One rarely has to see the actor work in the show – usually the writing is organic enough so that we see the characters working. Matthew Fox usually has to work the hardest. And tonight, Monaghan had to work to try to make something real when it simply needed to be rewritten and rethought. Because the show is so beautifully orchestrated, when it hits a false note, those notes resonate with unusual dissonance. A friend thinks that these moments are choices and the reasons will be revealed later. I hope she’s right. It’s also great that there’s a show on that gets people talking in the way this one does.

West Wing was brilliant last night. The way that Santos pulled off the vote by outwitting the Speaker of the House was terrific! And it was nice to see Donna doing something she believes in, rather than working on a campaign for the weaselly candidate who hired her. I also respected that here is Santos, on the campaign trail, yet he still cares enough about his constituency to come in and do his job as a Congressman. Now, that’s the kind of man I’d want for president. The genuine discussions that happened during the episode – it was terrific. What I love about this show is that, although the characters talk quickly and often get caught up in their intelligence – they’ll also stop and listen. That’s one thing the Santos character is teaching Josh – you can actually listen and respond to what happens around you, not just play the game. And you can still win. The episode was the definition of “rousing”.

Lost goes back into reruns next week (probably until May sweeps), but West Wing still has new episodes. I can’t wait. I want the days back where there weren’t reruns until summer. I want 26 new episodes of every series every year. Period. Don’t waste my time with one month of new episodes and then a couple of months of reruns. Of course, I’m usually working at night, so I never got to see anything anyway, so for me, personally, it rarely matters. But still . . .

Now, my day is quite full because this weekend will be spent in the theatre. I better get to it. The focus needs to be on Widow’s Chamber, but I want to get some work done on Ransagh and the proposals.

Remember, tomorrow is the one day only sale of Cutthroat Charlotte on ebay.

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At 7:11 AM, Blogger Eileen said...

I have to agree with you regarding Grand Central Station. I wonder if the administration believes that the average U.S. citizen is dumbed down and numbed out to the point they can't discern reality anymore.

"And tonight, Monaghan had to work to try to make something real when it simply needed to be rewritten and rethought."

- Yes, he did. This is why I love him. In every role I have seen Dom play, I have felt as though it is important to him to be honest. I felt his pain in the scene with Hurley :)


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