Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

The Ides of March.

Didn’t get much done on Charlotte last night and hope to fix that now, before I have to leave for the theatre.

Got nearly ten pages done on Ransagh. It felt good to slide back into that piece. I hope it’s something that will bring the readers as much pleasure in the reading as it is bringing me in the writing. I look forward to adding more texture to subsequent drafts.

The DSL seems to be working, although Blogger still takes more than one time to load entries, and I often have to go back and fix what didn’t load properly. But, on the whole, the DSL seems to be something that will work better for what I need to do – at least it doesn’t dump in the middle of transmission, the way AOL did. I hope to clear out everything from AOL and dump that account soon.

Why is it, when you send off an e-mail announcing an address change, people use the e-mail you just told them is no longer valid instead of the new one? Well, stuff starts bouncing back, maybe they’ll pay attention. It’s only a small annoyance, but still . . .

Last Dialogue Workshop last night, until I teach the one in Greenwich in April (they just contacted me to assure me that it IS going). Again, my students gave me a great deal and I wish them well in the future.

We’ll see if One Story, Many Voices is a go next week. If not, and we don’t decide to move off-campus, it will solidify my decision not to work with that organization again.

I’m also going to start putting cancellation fees into the contracts. These contracts have to be two-way deals. If I make the commitment to put aside the time to teach, I expect it fulfilled. It means I am turning down paid work elsewhere. If they cancel, they have to pay. Otherwise, I won’t sign the contract in the first place. Enough with the institution getting all the protection and the freelancer getting nothing. I was fortunate to have motivated students who took matters into their own hands, and learned an important lesson about protecting my income for the future. This is my business, not my hobby.

Now, to try and get at least a couple of issues polished enough to get out before I leave on the train.

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At 7:46 AM, Blogger shadow said...

Hi Devon,

Your students taking matters into their own hands sounds exactly like what's been happening to me.

It's highly motivating.

I'm glad to hear things are taking an upturn for you.

You are an inpiration and an affirmation.


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