Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and lovely

Yesterday was a long day, with a myriad of errands that had to happen before I took off for the theatre at 10 AM. And, since I didn’t get home until after midnight . . .

Monday was not a particularly productive writing day, and I got annoyed at an editor. I’d sent her a bunch of deadlined material on Thursday, before she left for the holiday weekend, and asked her to let me know if anything didn’t come through. She said it was all fine. I e-mailed again first thing Monday morning, to double-check, because I knew Monday afternoon would be crazy. She said it was fine.

After midnight on Monday, suddenly I get a frantic message that she needs something to publish Tuesday. Why couldn’t she have told me this on Thursday, when I actually had time to resend? Very frustrating.

And the moderator of my freelance group – who’s great – was fired by her company. Fortunately, she’s striking out on her own – and I’m going with her! She’s professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, diplomatic – anyone would be lucky to have her work for them!

The brook hit the top of its banks in the early afternoon, but I got the car out in time. We didn’t have major flooding, thank goodness – not like last fall. But it was right there, hovering at the edge. I ran my errands, had company over for dinner, and ordered The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Windows XP, which hopefully can help with some troubleshooting.

Yesterday was all about Wicked – daywork and the show. Both were fine. It was fun to be with the actors again and catch up with everyone. It’s a good group of people. I’m in for a full week next week, so I need to be productive this week. I dropped a hairbrush during a quickchange and had to crawl around the booth looking for it. I felt like an idiot. But everything was done in time, and we all laughed.

GCE is turning Saturday’s workshop into a nightmare. I will fulfill my commitment to them – I refuse to descend to their level. And that’s it. They have no respect for my time or my experience. And, after Saturday, I can’t be bothered, unless there’s an ironclad contract with non-negotiable five figures in it. You want me to teach? Fine. But from now on, my price has just gone WAAAAAAY up to make it worth my while on any level. Since I know they won’t pay it the kind of money I will ask, I won’t have to worry about it.

Rent called me for some weekend dates – I can do some of them, and hopefully, it will work out.

I’m saddened by the earthquake in Indonesia, and hope that, finally, a warning system will be put into place. People shouldn’t have to die for that to happen, but it’s always the case, isn’t it? Even with something as simple as installing a traffic light, lives have to be lost before it’s taken seriously.

The Terri Schiavo situation continues to divide the country. I’m sickened by the way it’s been turned into partisan politics and religious fundamentalism. Part of the Republican Party Platform is for there to be less government in our daily lives, and yet now they’re involved in this. I think it’s even divided the party itself, with those holding to the line that the party can’t get involved in the individual logistics of this, and those who feel that they have to in order to save a life. The Democrats are more interested in not offending anyone, and, by standing there with their thumbs up their collective asses, have offended everyone.

There are many things I do not understand about the situation. I wish I had the medical knowledge to actually form an educated opinion about the medical aspect of the case. But I don’t. I understand someone not wanting to be kept alive on machines – hence, a living will. I don’t understand how starving someone to death is road to a dignified death.

Most of all – and I’ve said this before – is that I don’t understand why a man who’s chosen not to fulfill his marriage vows is allowed legal control over his wife. He has another life with another woman and two children – out of wedlock. I don’t mean to sound like a prissy moralist. He has the right to a life. But how can he possibly put his sick wife ahead of his healthy family? The minute he embarked on a new relationship with children, he should have relinquished control. And, if he didn’t, it should have been removed by the courts. That’s where the court needed to step in.

And now there’s talk that he won’t even allow her parents to give her the burial they want. Again, the graceful thing to do would have been, since he won the case on removing her feeding tube, to allow her parents the comfort of a burial –whether she had said she wanted to be cremated or not. Again, he demonstrated that his control is the most important issue to him in the situation. The woman was bulimic – obviously there were control issues in her life that we know nothing about (and are none of our business).

The government can yap all they want about the right to life – yet they demonstrate it is still more important to them for a man to retain control over his wife. There are issues here in addition to the religious ones – the issues of gender control. Basically, this man owns his wife and therefore can make the decision whether she can live or die. To me, it appears that the government is supporting, even advocating, ownership of another human being, which is something that was exorcised by the Emancipation Proclamation.

So much for the political party built around Lincoln.

And, stepping back from the politics and the media spin, there is a family in a lot of pain, and, no matter what the courts decide, how can that pain ever heal? The personal, individual sadness of the individuals involved seem to be overshadowed by political and media agendas. I hope, no matter how difficult it is, that whatever side of the issue people stand on, they remember the pain of the families involved and retain some compassion for them – whether they agree with them or not.

Back to Widow’s Chamber, Periwinkle, Ransagh and the Vince/Annie piece. I sent out a few queries from job listing this morning, and I need to get out some letters. I’d like to go back to sleep, but that’s not an option right now.

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