Friday, April 15, 2005

April 15 Part II

Today is the first day I feel like myself since the attacks on September 11, 2001. The growth and change I’ve experienced since 9/11 is still with me, but the sense of drive, of who I am, and, importantly, why I am flickered again for the first time in over three years.

I’ve changed a lot, and not always for the better. But there’s a piece of the original me that’s still left.

So there’s still hope.

Ink in My Kitchen:
I had a request for the Julia Child marinade. It’s a dry spice marinade – you can keep it in a tightly closed jar for a good long time.

The recipe is from Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom by Julia Child. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2000, hardcover, p. 49:

Dry Spice Marinade for pork products, goose and duck:

Blend the following ground spices in a crew-topped jar and use ½ teaspoon per pound of meat. For about 1 ¼ cups: 2 Tablespoons each of clove, mace, nutmeg, paprika, thyme, and imported bay; 1 Tablespoon each of allspice, cinnamon, and savory; and 5 Tablespoons white peppercorns.

Devon’s note: I did not blend them in the jar. I used my mortar and pestle. But I store the mixture in a mason jar. It’s darned good!

Tonight’s dinner was a combination of lobster ravioli with spinach/ricotta tortellini in Alfredo Sauce. With cherry pie for dessert.

I am determined to learn how to make a good pie crust this year.

Writing, etc.:
Going in to the city was interesting, as far as character observation.

One guy, sitting a few seats down, yapped into his cell phone the whole time. Get over yourself. You’re not that interesting. Keep your voice down. He had a fairly deep voice that might have been pleasant, had it not contained both a nasal twang and a slightly condescending sneer coloring everything he said.

Across from me, a mother sat with her young girl, reading to her from Anne of Green Gables.

I loved it.

I am a HUGE Lucy Maud Montgomery fan. I have all the “Anne” books in hardcover from childhood, and picked up the “Emily” books a few years ago at a yard sale. I troll second hand bookstores and will start looking on eBay again for her other books and copies of biographies and her published diaries. And yes, one day I plan to visit Prince Edward Island (I also know some hockey players from that area).

Of course, I am also the one who figured my allowance during childhood by how many Nancy Drew books I could buy in a given week.

I am obsessed with the juvenile mystery fiction from the turn of the century until about the mid 1960s: Vicki Barr, Beverly Gray, Ruth Fielding, Nancy Drew, the Dana Girls, Judy Bolton, Cherry Barton, Sue Ames . . .reaching back even to series like the Adventure Girls, and Marjorie Dean.

Ruth Fielding was an especially good role model, because there she was, in the early 1900s, married, with a career in Hollywood, and having kids. She truly “had it all”.

At a second hand bookstore in Concord, MA, I once picked up a copy of Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies, published in 1915 for $5. I bought it as much for the inscription as because I didn’t have it.

The inscription reads: “Presented to Helen Wood for perfect attendance. Fall Term 1925. Alina R. Weed. Teacher.”

I love the inscription as much as I love the contents of the book.

Took a walk on the beach and received more inspiration. It also reminds me – the differences remind me, if that makes any sense – of the waterfront at Plymouth, MA. Since that’s the area to which I plan to move, it’s a good thing.

I’m glad I came back to this town four years ago. I had unresolved baggage about my growing up years. I think – I hope – I’ve accepted it for what it is and now I can remember this area with fondness.

I have to do both shows at Rent tomorrow – but one track for the mat, and then switch tracks at night. Should be, um, interesting.

Went grocery shopping – I love grocery shopping, I am such a freak!

Submitted an article to a newspaper in the Virgin Islands – I’d like to write for them regularly, but am not sure what to write. I sent them something humorous that might serve them, just to get my name in front of them, and then we can talk more details later.

Also saw an ad for an artist-in-residence position for a few months in Maryland next year. I have a half a dozen ideas that might work, so I e-mailed them for more information. That way, I can narrow it down and send the best possible proposal packet.

Working on the short story that was inspired by Lili’s photo (Greener Pastures, linked at right). She sent me the full –size – and what she cropped out was something I’d added in to the story without knowing she’d cropped it out. (Cue: Twilight Zone music).

Anyway, I have to get some more work done on the western tonight and early tomorrow morning. Someone won a contest at KIC, and picked Tapestry (the mystery) as the prize, which is very flattering. Yeah, I had to re-send the issues! :)

Vince and Annie want some attention and the characters from Ransagh are saying, “um, excuse me, you left us in a castle owned by vampires and some shape shifters just entered and you’re doing . . .what? Step AWAY from the dogs and get us OUT of this mess!”



At 11:10 AM, Blogger Debra Young said...

"...and the characters from Ransagh are saying, “um, excuse me, you left us in a castle owned by vampires and some shape shifters just entered and you’re doing . . .what? Step AWAY from the dogs and get us OUT of this mess!”

LOL! Love it!

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Debra Young said...

Oh, and thanks for posting the dry spice marinade. I'm gonna make those pork chops for Sunday dinner. d:)


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