Monday, April 18, 2005

April 18 Part II

Lost most of the morning working on computer problems, as usual. I seem to have the fax component working now – but only via the printer itself, not through the computer. And, since it scans the fax before sending it, I don’t understand why it won’t scan photos.

I seem to be able to send outgoing, but not receive. I’m confused.

I also deleted all my AOL crap, because it was interfering with the way everything else in my system worked. It’s still a little wonky, and some of my stuff isn’t coming through, but I think it’s better.

Took a walk on the beach and played with other people’s dogs.

Over the past few days, I read two more of Michael Jecks’s books: A Moorland Hanging and The Crediton Killings. I enjoy the way the series is developing. He’s working, I think, on his twentieth or twenty-second book in the series, and I’ve only read the first four, so I have some catching up to do. The last one saddened me at the end. That’s not a criticism of the book – it was so well done that the brutality of mankind towards each other was simply pointed out once again and saddened me.

Many of the modern mysteries end up making the reader feel better because things are wound up at the end. There’s definitely a need to comfort readers like that sometimes, but there is also a need for what Jecks does, looking at the bigger picture.

Polished and sent two more episodes of The Widow’s Chamber. Cletus and Elwood are baaaack! And, of course, interrupted Nora and Cam at an inopportune moment! I just love those two. By Wednesday, I’ll be working on the ball sequence – I’ve written around it enough and now I have to cough it up.

Made a gentle update on the “News” section of the website – and didn’t even need to ask Colin any panicked questions! I’m learning slowly, but I’m learning.

I need to get stamps this week and get the newsletter out.

I got an explanation and assurances about the late payment, and I am somewhat mollified. That’s the major part of what I needed – communication. Now, providing the money is forthcoming in a reasonable amount of time, I will be somewhat okay. There are still other things bothering me, but some of them are my problem and not my editor’s.

I wondered about the Shakespeare serial and the whaling saga and the Revolutionary War one and I just don’t know. I’m not at a point where I can make those types of decisions right now. I need to work on what I’m working on now.

I need to spend more time on Periwinkle and Ransagh and make a decision about the characters from “Dogs on Beach”. Meanwhile, the characters of Congress Corners are tapping their feet (if they were in a row they could be a dance line) and saying, “What about us? You promised us a story a month and you still haven’t finished the Thanksgiving novella!”

The novella format needs to make a comeback, and not merely as an e-book. Novellas need to be sold at newsstands and train stations and bus depots and gas stations for $1 or $1.99 so that a commuter can pick one up and read it on the train.

So sayeth I. But how to do-eth? :)



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