Wednesday, April 20, 2005

April 20 Part II

One episode of the western polished and sent. Caught up on e-mail (which took awhile). Discussed a marketing plan with some colleagues and got some good feedback. Got the information so I can plot the course to pick up the overseas company at the end of the month (I have to drive to DC). Drove to Larchmont to retrieve my lovely lamp – they did such a great job. Too bad I’m out of light bulbs (and too darned lazy to go out again).

The lamp shop has the most beautiful antique cash register. I oohed and aahhed over it, and the guy admitted they put it back in because the computerized drawer kept getting broken into and the cash register was much more secure!

A new café called Water Color opened – it looks lovely, and I want to try it out in the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll even write about it!

The beach was packed again, and I didn’t stay long. Mulled over some story ideas. I have a cast of characters talking, and I have to sort out who belongs in which piece. I tried to stuff them all into one, but they’re balking. I picked up the makings of Caesar salad for lunch on my way home.

It’s hot and sticky today and looks like it wants to rain.

I want to get back to my writing, but my kitchen drain smells like something died in there, so I guess I have to investigate that before I do anything else. I questioned the cats – did they catch something and stuff it down the drain? – but they’ve taken the Fifth.



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