Wednesday, April 20, 2005

April 20 Part III

The kitchen drain is slightly better, but I think I’ll have to attack it with baking soda and lime tomorrow.

Took friends up on a spontaneous invitation. They wanted me to look over some items they’re interested in bidding on at Sotheby’s. Okaaay. I told them to skip the paintings and the jewelry and bid on the castle in Spain. Yeah, sure, it would be cool to own a Kandinsky, but shouldn’t it be a Kandinsky you like?

Ended up writing the first draft of a short story, “Impressions”, while sitting on their deck. The bones are there, the characters are there, but it needs more work. I need to do more research on the marshlands of Cape Cod to truly integrate the sense of place. As usual, place is another character in the piece.

On the way home, got an idea for another story from some firemen. Nearly ended up accepting a date, too, until I remembered I’m not available (oops).

I dated a fireman once, for a few months. Really sweet guy. But he needed a stay-at-home girl in his life, not a world-traveling woman. Call me a zebra, call me a leopard, but I don’t change those traveling stripes or spots. They’re too much of who I am.

Now, for a glass of wine and some relaxation . . .



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