Thursday, April 21, 2005

April 21 Part IV

The next revision cut a half a page. I still need to cut about a half page. Not sure where yet. Maybe I’ll let the story sit for a day.

The genesis of the piece was driving past a man working with some land surveying equipment and his eyes being so blue that I got distracted and nearly drove into a ditch. That was the inspiration for Jared.

That was on my way to the beach, and I walked around the beach, mulling it over, playing with other people’s dogs, thinking it would be an amusing premise for a piece.

But the Congress Corners stories are set in this area, as are the Dogs on Beach stories, as will the Boardwalk Beauties piece. Enough already!

So, where would I set it? What area of the country do I enjoy that I haven’t written about much? I’ve written about some of Massachusetts, but not about the marshlands on the Cape. And I’m interested salt marsh conservancy, so why not combine it? So I wrote the story, and then I did some digging, and found out there’s a whole lot to the conservancy that I can’t completely use in this piece, but I can touch on it and . . . “Impressions” came to be.

And I’m keeping the title.



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