Saturday, April 23, 2005

April 23 Part II

Bear with me while I whimper a little bit.

I spent the morning avoiding repacking the basket. I don’t have time for organic inspiration. I need to get the darned thing done.

I forgot to eat, which always puts me in a sour mood.

On the positive side, the press release about the 150-episode milestone for Widow’s Chamber is up:

and I ran the print version and the envelopes to get that mailing out. I also ran the envelopes for the newsletter mailing.

Since I don’t have my address lists in a database that actually does me any good, I have to type each envelope. Finally – at the second-to-last envelope, of course – I figured out a more time-efficient way to do it for the future – until I get the proper database – a page of labels for each name. I mean, for the salts, I run pages of labels – so why not run a page of labels for each name on my lists and then, when I do a mailing, I simply peel of the label and stick it on the envelope. When I get towards the end of a page, I print up a new page.

Why didn’t I think of that before?

So, now, egg salad with tarragon, chervil and mustard will make it all better and then I can tackle the afternoon’s work.

Of course, instead of getting tidier, my living room is more chaotic than ever.

And I better check the brook. I’m worried about flooding.




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