Sunday, April 24, 2005

April 24 Part II

Three new episodes of Widow’s Chamber written, polished and sent. Also, re-sent all the issues needed for the most recent subscriptions, plus the month ahead issues.

I just have to write the new issues ahead for WC and Charlotte and I’m caught up. This was supposed to be Charlotte week, but I didn’t polish any episodes. I focused on Widow’s Chamber. Next week is Widow’s Chamber week, so I’ll work on both simultaneously.

While cooking dinner (pasta with meat in tomato/cream sauce), I mulled over how connected I felt to the characters in the story I read today – completely forgetting that I’d spent the whole day on Widow’s Chamber! Liking one’s work is a good thing, unless one loses perspective.

Coordinated basket drop off – I will drive it up to Connecticut tomorrow. Plus, there’s a lamp I really want on sale at Target, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll remember to buy light bulbs!

I’m hoping to catch my beach walk today before sunset. I like April/May, when the evenings are long and soft.



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