Sunday, April 24, 2005

April 24 Part III

So the evening’s quickly going to hell without even the handbasket.

I got in the car to drive to the beach and it’s making a funny, clinking noise. So I turned around and come back.

I have a lot of driving to do tomorrow, not to mention next week, so it means I have to take the car in first thing to the mechanic and then rent one, at least for tomorrow.


Most likely, it happened a couple of days ago, when I was forced into a deep, jagged pothole when a bastard driving an SUV while talking on his cell phone crossed the yellow line and came at me head-on.

I hiked up the road to photograph the pothole, etc. Don’t know if it’ll do any good for insurance, but . . .and then the gnats began to bite and it began to rain again. . .

And someone fixed the handle on the section door – only now it’s jammed so that the key won’t turn. So I’m still going the prairie dog route.




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