Tuesday, April 26, 2005

April 26 Part II

I’m taking Ransagh with me to work on the train and on dinner breaks (instead of making dinner plans with friends).

I have such a strong sense of missing these characters, especially Kenelm. It’s as strong as missing certain people about whom I care deeply, but who are not around right now for various reasons. Kenelm’s purpose in the beginning was to be a foil for Raisa – sort of a sidekick, but not quite. As the concept of the piece grows, about male and female characters having equal growth during the quest, he’s truly fought to be who he is – a very human, less than perfect knight who is still loyal, committed and capable of growth.

It turns out that I miss Kenelm the most out of all of the characters.

That certainly sheds some interesting light on the piece as a whole.



At 1:14 PM, Blogger Debra Young said...

RANSAGH sounds so interesting, I can hardly until it sees the light of day. I like the perspective you have on the quest story too. d:))


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