Thursday, April 07, 2005

April 7 Part II

I forgot to mention a beautiful backstage moment yesterday: During the matinee, the understudy scarecrow was perched up on top of the giant garbage can (it was closed) while one of the monkeys advised a guard on tap dancing. It was hilarious.

Did a long-distance consultation regarding a space cleansing, pulled up the research I’d promised for two people, caught up on what needed to be caught up mail wise.

Now I have to look back at the last few chapters of the western to see if the chapter in my head’s already been written or if it’s the next one I need to write.

And I need to look up zip codes to get Batch A of the Copywriting Direct Mail out.

Started the racing article. Can’t finish it until Saturday’s races are run.

Onward and . . ?



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