Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday, April 1, 2005
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cold and Rainy

Today is April Fool’s Day. I’m not a fan of practical jokes – I find that, too often, there’s an underlying current of hostility involved in them.

However, on this day, I will take the advice of The Fool card in the tarot deck – what new adventure do I need to step into in my life, in order to fulfill my life’s purpose?

I am saddened to hear about the Pope’s deteriorating health. I am not Catholic, and I have plenty of disagreement with certain Catholic doctrine. But I liked and respected this Pope for several reasons: he seemed a man of true convictions and lived his path; he was kind; I always got the impression that he actually listened when people spoke to him, and, even when he disagreed, he responded to what was said, rather than just hiding behind jargon; and he promoted peace.

There’s so much buzz about the secrecy of the conclave that will elect the new Pope, when that time comes. My opinion is that it is none of our business. The believers behind the Papacy found this to work for centuries, the followers aren’t up in arms about the process, and it’s not up to the rest of us. I remember the last conclave, which elected the current Pope and how fascinating it was to watch from the outside. I’m sure there are all sorts of machinations and politicking and whatever going on – but that’s up to the Cardinals. It’s never an easy decision, and it certainly won’t be easy to follow a man as beloved as this one man is.

I’m quite frustrated with Blogger lately – there are constant problems. The problems, for once, aren’t with my computer or server, and it’s very frustrating.

Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of this blog! When I reread my early entries, I see how far I’ve come --- which is encouraging! Decisions I only suspected needed to be considered at this time last year are now in practice. I am living my commitment to the writer’s life instead of wondering what it would be like. It’s not easy, it’s sometimes painful, but it’s worth it. Hopefully, in the upcoming twelve months, I will continue to progress.

I’m preparing my materials for tomorrow’s class. No matter how well each session goes, I learn from it, and I slightly tweak the course for the next go-round. In other words, no two classes are the same, even when they’re on the same topic. I like to make each one unique, and customize it to the needs of the students.

The weather is supposed to be dreadful tomorrow – major flooding. Hopefully, everything will work out.

To Do List for April:
1. One month episodes for Widow’s Chamber
2. One month episodes for Tapestry
3. One month episodes for Angel Hunt
4. One month episodes for Cutthroat Charlotte
5. 60 pages of Ransagh
6. 20 pages of Periwinkle
7. 20 pages of the Quick Sell
8. 2 articles
9. 1 short story
10. 10 query letters for one of the children’s books
11. 10 query letters PER WEEK to business prospects
12. Finish non-fiction proposal A
13. Work on non-fiction proposal B
14. Ink in My Kitchen as appropriate
15. Ink in My Potting Soil as appropriate

I did major grocery shopping today, since I won’t have time to do any in the upcoming week. Grocery shopping is one of the joys of my life. I adore going to the store, wandering up and down the aisles. In addition to my lists, I also see what’s fresh, what’s on sale, what looks intriguing, and start making up menus in my head as I go. Between the grocery store and the market – fourteen bags’ worth!!! There are quite a few canned goods in there, and quite a few fresh vegetables. Now that we’re moving out of winter, the focus can shift to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ink in My Kitchen
I’m baking bread right now. I made the dough this morning, and it’s almost done with its second rise. I’ll put it in the oven in about ten minutes. It’s Brooke Dojny’s “Sweet Portuguese Bread” from her New England Cookbook. It’s one of my favorite cookbooks, and one of the best bread recipes I’ve ever had.

You can’t rush bread. It needs to take its time. And it’s worth every minute.

On Sunday or Monday morning, I hope to bake her Cranberry-Walnut Tea Bread. Because this loaf will be long gone!

And then, back to Widow’s Chamber, et al.

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At 5:38 PM, Blogger Shawna Marie said...

You are so welcome for the April Fool's post and I thank you for your comment. I enjoyed reading your post as well.
I enjoy tarot cards and will keep in mind what you say about the fool... to be honest it touched my life and made me feel good today and surprisingly fits my life right now thank you.
Shawna Marie

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Shawna Marie said...

oh and I almost forgot I enjoy going to the the grocery store too... even when I am working because I work at one.


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