Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday, April 8, 2005
Waxing Moon
Mercury Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

This has to be a short entry. I overslept, have a ton to do and have to get back to the theatre.

I received a check yesterday from one of my publishers that I wasn’t expecting until the end of May! What a happy surprise!

I was pretty much a waste of food yesterday – exhausted, trouble focusing. I managed to get some business writing done, and I found 25 more direct mail prospects which I now have to research. But hopefully, next week, the second batch can go out.

The rest of my ink finally arrived, which means I can print and send the newsletter.

I helped an artist friend get an e-mail account. She’s amazing, and I think if she starts talking to people online more, she’ll gain some more self-confidence. Her work is inspiring and I hope to post some of it soon.

My colleagues were thrilled with the research I gave them. The show was fine – one of my monkeys has a drooping wing – hopefully, it can be fixed in house and we don’t have to send the wings to the Pacific Northwest, where they were made. The actress’s shoe that was stretched is now too big, so I’ll see what I can do today with insoles and heel guards. Always something! :)

One of my swing monkeys makes me laugh so much! The original actor played it as Psycho Monkey. The regular actor plays it as Monkey-Gonna-Break-Out. The other day, this guy played it as Exploratory Monkey, and last night, he was Radical Monkey. He knows I’m standing in the wings watching – it’s so funny to watch him play. He’s really wonderful (and he is serving the show, not messing around).

I’ve been asked to swing on a play this summer. If it works out, schedule-wise, I’d like to do it. It won’t require the physical exertion (as in, hauling around heavy costumes) that this show does, and a change of pace might be nice. Plus, they’re coming to me, which is always flattering. May and June are such wacky months in my schedule right now that hopefully, I can find the time to train.

Of course, I had a long talk yesterday with one of the actors on our show, who’s had an astonishing career in the theatre, about how I’m getting out of the business in the next year! The universe just had to remind me that it’s not entirely on my schedule.

Started reading A Pound of Paper by John Baxter. It’s interesting, I like it, but I find myself arguing with some of the points he makes. I will elaborate when I have more time.

My feet hurt so horribly. I’ve switched shoes twice this week so far – I’ve worn out the well-supported shoes I usually wear on the deck, and it’s time to invest in some new ones. I need arch support, a lot of cushion and support. I used to get a good cross training shoe, but, of course, because it’s good, they don’t make it any more.

One of my favorite writer colleagues gives a reading from her new book at the bookstore ten miles away from me on Tuesday night. Hopefully, I can get back in time from day work to see her.

Worked everything out with the project I’m involved with at the end of this month. I’m going to do one basket, and go in during the day to help them set up, then leave in the evening because I leave for Washington, DC at five the next morning.

Yikes! Just looked at the clock. Gotta get moving. There’s a train to catch.

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