Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tuesday, April 5, 2005
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and cool

It’s so beautiful today! What a joy to take a walk to get the paper this morning. We might actually have a spring over the next few weeks! Now, if all those darned leaf blowers would stop polluting the air with their exhaust fumes, and we could actually smell the flowers and trees coming into bloom, it would be perfect.

Congratulations to John Patrick Shanley, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his play, Doubt. His work has been off-Broadway for years, and now it’s on Broadway and deserves to be. He’s quite astonishing.

Michael Daly wrote a beautiful piece in today’s Daily News about the Pope lying in state at the Basilica. I don’t know if it’s available online, but, if you can, it’s worth tracking down.

So many people interviewed say they’ll do “whatever I have to” in order to get in to view the Pope’s body, are willing to stand in line for hours, and talk about how it fills them with “awe” in the actual meaning of the word, not the way it’s so often mis-used now.

My challenge to them is this: How will you take this experience and translate it into you making the world a better place?

So much of the talk is about the self, and isn’t the point of this type of inspiration to go out and work positively in the world?

As usual, the ones who keen the most loudly will be the ones who actually do the least. The ones who actually work for positive change will remain quiet and private and continue their work in the world without trying to draw attention to themselves.

A friend and colleague is genuinely moved by this event. She is also someone who lives her life with compassion and humanity. She actually lives her beliefs, and one is better simply for knowing her. She makes a positive difference in the world.

If all of those two million or so who make the pilgrimage to the Vatican this week walk out of the Basilica and out into the world determined to work for positive change, the world might actually move towards being a better place. But most of them will simply slip back into the pattern of their lives – it’s just witnessing an event that perhaps their friends and colleagues could not, and not applying it to their actual lives.

Of course, there will also be those who come out of the experience determined to impose the more rigid aspects of doctrine on everyone.

The Vince/Annie piece flowed pretty well yesterday. I got about seven pages done, and stopped only when my eyes hurt so badly I couldn’t continue. Instead of writing it in chronological order, I’m writing it in sections, and then I’ll have to write the bridges to smooth the transitions. Odd way to structure a piece, but hey, you’ve got to re-invent the wheel every time anyway.

Widow’s Chamber is going slowly. It feels as though I’ve emptied a box of Tinkertoys on the carpet. I know what I want to build, but don’t know how to start. I’m trying to build it a word at a time, a sentence at a time, but this section is the hardest I’ve yet to deal with.

And I did the research when I was down there last winter, so it should be the easiest. I wish I’d written more fragments while I was down there. I was afraid it would change too much in the interim, but I should have written more atmospheric detail.

Got to put m bag together for the week and catch the train. I’m doing a full eight shows and two days of day work this week, so between now and Sunday, most days I’ll be out of the house by 10 AM and not return until 1 AM.

Ransagh will travel with me.

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