Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and mild

I’m late getting the blog up today. And I have a million things to do.

I’m having trouble getting at the most recent issues of the western – which I need to get out ASAP. But I’ll figure it out. I think one of the disks got corrupted somehow – there are only a few episodes on it I need (it’s always the ones you need, isn’t it?) – I may just rekey them onto a new disk and send them off. I need to move ahead on the pirate serial. I thought I was caught up, but I need to do a couple more issues.

My producer accepted the changes for Glam Hearts and I need to get the final out to him today.

Yesterday was a long darned day. I managed to do the double call, but was exhausted. There’s just no way I could give both areas the strong attention they needed. But all the major repairs got done, the dry cleaning was restored, the pressing and steaming done, so . . .

I didn’t have to step into the play cold, thank goodness, because I was so tired by the end of the work call there’s no way I could have learned a new show.

I did my taxes this morning. I’ve learned enough over the past few years, thanks to the IRS answering questions and helping me sort out the years of mistakes the so-called professional tax preparers made, so that I can do them and do them well by myself. I know what I can and can’t deduct. When I do incorporate as a sole proprietor business (which will happen in the next 3-5 years), they get to baby-sit me as I learn how to fill out those forms, too. Clinton did a good job when he restructured the organization to be more helpful. And when my life does not fit into one of their little boxes, I can call them and we can figure out together how it works.

I keep track of my receipts and paperwork all year, so when I do sit down and do the taxes, it’s simply a matter of using the calculator and filling in the form. I’m not running around looking for documentation.

Too many story ideas battling for position in my head. I need to get far enough ahead on the western and the pirate so I can relax and focus on the other stuff.

Today, the Glam Hearts final is the priority.

I also have to drive to Larchmont to drop off a lamp for repair. And it’s such a beautiful day, I want to walk on the beach.

Business stuff to do as well for the copywriting mailing and the newsletter, but I’m trying to keep it all balanced.

A friend is coming to town in July – she’ll see the show and I’ll get to show her around and she can see what it’s like back there. I’m psyched!

But now . .. to focus. The New Orleans stuff is flowing better, and I think it’s because I’m getting the rhythm of the place back into my body. New Orleans has a rhythm that’s completely unique, and that’s such a big part of being there. Without communicating that sense of place, it could be anywhere. And it’s not. It’s New Orleans.

If it didn’t get so darned hot down there, I’d move to New Orleans.

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