Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wednesday, April 6, 2005
Dark Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Yesterday packed a lot in.

I think one of the things that the Pope’s lying-in-state and preparations for the funeral show is how much we take comfort in ritual. It makes us feel as though we’re doing something in a situation where there’s little we can do, and also, that the energy flows both ways.

I stopped in a bookstore on the way to work, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Always annoying.

And can I just say how much I hate blurbs? I know, that’s now part of the proposal package. But I am at the point where, if a book has too many blurbs, I’ll put it down – even if they’re written by people I respect. Let me make up my own mind, dammit!!!

As I did the day work call, I thought about the Triangle Factory Fire play. I did three years of research for it. I did a rough outline and some scenes. After 9/11, I put it aside. That was not the time to write about burning bodies falling from buildings. It niggles at me every few months, whispering that it needs attention, but I haven’t been able to find my way back into it.

“Maybe it’s not a play. Maybe it’s a novel. You could always adapt it later,” says the Creative Angel.

I hadn’t thought of that. And the novels-to-be-written are stacked up like flights over LaGuardia on a Friday night. How could I fit it in?

“Maybe that’s why you need to apply to MacDowell.”

It’s something to think about. I’d crossed applying to MacDowell off my list. But it would give me the cocoon-like atmosphere I MUST have for this project.

I’m also wondering if Redemption Trail is a novel rather than a script.

And, I may work on Widow’s Chamber in longhand during this week, as I travel. Generally, however I start work on a piece is how I work on it—if I start it at the keyboard, I stay with it. If I start the first draft longhand, it remains in longhand.

I misplaced the beginning of Chapter 2 of the second volume of Ransagh – how could I do that? I remember taking it out of the bag to put in my class materials on Saturday. I thought I left it on the kitchen table – but it’s not there. It’s only a half a page, but it’s still annoying.

I’m wondering if, instead of calling them “Book I”, “Book II” and “Book III” I should use “Volume”. It’s a slight shade of meaning, but I think it might work better for my purposes.

I did a lot of wondering yesterday. It happens when I iron.

It’s Tartan Week in New York, a celebration of all things Scottish. There’s an exhibition in Grand Central called “The Scottish Village” that I hope to peek into during one of my trips through the station.

Dinner at one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants. I hoped to have a leisurely meal, but the group that invaded the table next to me didn’t let that happen. They were a bunch of film P.A.’s, who wanted to impress the restaurant, so they talked very loudly about how important they were and made sure their cell phones went off regularly so they could have inane conversations. Perhaps someone who doesn’t work in the business would be impressed. But I do work in the business, and I know they’re paid about $120 a week to sit on the truck and make sure no one steals the sandbags used to keep the light stands from tipping over. You can learn a lot around a film set, even as a PA, but these kids were sure they already knew it all. It wasn’t bluster to cover insecurity. It was sheer arrogance. They’ll either grow past it, or never be hired for more than equipment-watching.

I migrated a few blocks down to The Coffee Pot, where I roughed out my article pitches that are due at Llewellyn at the beginning of May, wrote up another list of article ideas, and started a short story inspired by a photograph taken by Lili (she writes Greener Pastures, linked at the right).

The show was fine. The actors were glad to see me. I had a swing on, but it’s someone I enjoy working with, so it was fun. I did miss the regular actor, though. We have a good rhythm together. There was something sharp in the tin man’s costume – fortunately, it cut me rather than the actor. I took the piece downstairs to get it fixed and me bandaged. It’s a simple little cut – not a big deal at all. It was just such a surprise at that point.

It disgusts me that the Bush administration punished Jimmy Carter for exercising his right to disagree by saying “there’s no room for him” within the American delegation to the Pope’s funeral. One makes room for Jimmy Carter!!!

Will try to get a bit of writing done this morning before I head back to the theatre. It will be another long day, but, hopefully, a pleasant one.

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At 12:06 PM, Blogger Lara said...

Ha ha ha about the film P.A.'s!!! You are a patient person. I would have been thisclose to calling them on it!
What a colorful life you lead. One of these days I need to make it to New York again. I mean, hey, I'm already an unabashed Yankees fan!!!


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